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This article is about the VHS/DVD release. You may be looking for the book.

New Friends for Thomas and Other Adventures is a US VHS/DVD featuring two sixth series episodes and four seventh series episodes re-narrated by Michael Angelis, the show's UK narrator, as well as one song. It was released by Anchor Bay Entertainment in 2004.


PEEP! PEEP! It's so busy on the Island of Sodor that Sir Topham Hatt needs to bring in some new engines to keep the railway running smoothly. That means new friends and adventures for Thomas. Climb aboard and meet them all. There is Spencer, the fastest express engine the Island has ever seen. Meet Emily, the sleek green engine with the beautiful brass dome; and new friend Arthur, whose spotless record gets ruined when Thomas plays a trick on him. Don't forget cheerful tractor Jack and all of his construction crew friends. And come meet the big and mighty Murdoch, who is always looking for some peace and quiet, but who finds out what it means to have some Really Useful friends. Join Thomas and his new friends for trainloads of discovery and fun. Peep Peep!


  1. Gordon and Spencer
  2. Emily's New Coaches
  3. The Spotless Record
  4. Peace and Quiet
  5. Jack Jumps In
  6. A Friend in Need


  1. Five New Engines in the Shed
  2. Thomas' Anthem Grand Finale (DVD Only)

Bonus features


  • The VHS and DVD release included a postcard of a character introduced in the video.
  • This is really the first US VHS to feature the 2003 Anchor Bay Entertainment logo.
  • This is the only US release narrated by Michael Angelis.
  • This is one of two US releases to feature seventh series episodes with original music, the other being Thomas and the Jet Engine and Other Adventures, which would be released the following summer of 2004.
  • On the DVD, a trailer for Steamies vs. Diesels is featured.
  • When completing all three games on the DVD, the 10 Years of Thomas version of Thomas' Anthem is shown as a reward.
  • On the 2015 Double Feature re-release, Web Fun was removed from the bonus features section due to the drastic changes that occurred to the show's website between 2004 and 2015.
  • For this DVD, Sir Topham Hatt's Scrapbook was included. Although it was taken from the Salty's Secret and Other Thomas Adventures DVD, it also included the six new characters introduced in this release.
  • At the end of the feature, a link to the Thomas and Friends website is shown over a still image from the first series episode, Thomas Gets Tricked.
  • The bottom part of the front cover is reused from Thomas and His Friends Get Along, albeit mirrored and with Salty, Harvey and Murdoch in Duncan's place. Moreover, Robin Smith's line saying "Welcome to the Thomas & Friends DVD experience" is also re-used from "Thomas and His Friends Get Along."
  • This was the last VHS to use the screencap of Thomas from Saved from Scrap on the back cover.
  • On the 2009 Canadian DVD disc, Spencer is shown without Thomas.
  • Some VHS and DVD copies included a postcard of one of the new characters featured in this release.
  • This release is the only US release to feature a title card for a seventh series song.


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