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“Let's rock and roll!”
― Nia's catchphrase

Nia is an orange Kenyan tank engine who lives and works on the Island of Sodor and is the North Western Railway's number 18 engine.


Before coming to Sodor, Nia lived in Kenya and had travelled to many different places. Upon arrival to Sodor, she first met Thomas at Steep Hill and helped him to the top.[3]

Since then, she has moved into Tidmouth Sheds, her present home which she shares with her friends Thomas, Percy, Diesel and Kana. Nia also joined the Biggest Adventure Club alongside Kana sometime between its formation and their adventure to the top of Lookout Mountain.

On her one year anniversary of coming to Sodor, Nia attempted to organise a party, but found her friends were too busy to help her out and seemed to not remember it was her Sodor anniversary at all. Eventually, Nia found out that her friends had been planning a party of their own for her at Knapford, but had been keeping it a secret so as to surprise her.[3]

When Carly and Sandy organised an obstacle course known as the Tri-and-a-Half-a-Lon at the Maintenance Yard, Nia spent a whole day training with them so that she could beat the clock.[4]

Once, when Percy had a broken axle after an accident, Nia took over the Mail Train while he was being repaired.[5]

When the Biggest Adventure Club were solving the mystery of the mines, Nia was part of the Cave Crawlers, searching the Old Mines for the mythical mine monster alongside Diesel, Carly and Kana.[6]


Nia has an adventurous spirit. She loves to try new things and visit new places. Nia has also travelled more than any of her friends, and often has valuable insight into places Thomas has never been. She also has a love for music, dancing and singing, and has been shown to plan her routes all by herself.

Technical Details[]


Nia is a 2-6-0 tank engine. She is loosely based on the KUR ED1 class 2-6-2T, however with the trailing set of wheels removed, making her a 2-6-0T.


Nia is painted orange with green lining. She has a zig-zag pattern on her tanks and coal bunker that have the colours red, green, purple, yellow and black. She has her number in yellow in a black box with a green outline on her cabsides.


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Audio Files[]


First used Last Used Sound Effect
Thomas Blasts Off Active


  • Nia is the only character of a few things:
    • The only of the main characters from the first series not to appear in the first episode, A Thomas Promise.
    • The only young engine in the reboot - and by extension, the only member of the Biggest Adventure Club - to have visible lips.
  • Despite being painted orange, Nia's favourite colour is purple.[3]