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This article is about the cancelled Pack character. You may be looking for the comedy skit host.

Nigel was a transporter who was meant to be part of the Pack. He is accompanied with a low loader trailer.

Nigel was developed by Robert Gauld-Galliers before writing for the series started, but was not included in any scripts of the episodes that were produced and filmed for the series and was dropped.

The cancelled character may have been named after camera assistant, Nigel Permane who was the director of photography for Jack and The Pack.

Technical Details


Nigel is based on a 1948 Bedford-Scammell O-series lorry.


Nigel is painted green and cream with white and red lining.



  • The image and information about Nigel is used with kind permission of Rob Gauld-Galliers. We gratefully acknowledge his permission to use it.



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