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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the book? the Thai DVD or the Chinese DVD.
“Hello, Edward! All ready for the snow?"
"Oh yes, Percy. Better to be safe than sorry!”
―Percy and Edward

No Snow for Thomas is the seventeenth episode of the seventeenth series.


It is a snowy day, but Thomas does not want to wear his snowplough. So he tricks his driver into saying his snowplough does not fit and has to be removed. He leaves it on a siding and pretends he does not know where it is when asked by Emily when he returns to Tidmouth Sheds that night.

The Fat Controller has no choice but to leave Thomas in his shed and send Emily out to clear the tracks on Thomas' branch line instead. At first, Emily is angry to have to clear the snow, but after seeing children playing, she changes her mind. She clears the tracks in no time and when she reaches Dryaw Station, the Fat Controller lets her take Annie and Clarabel along the branch line.

When Thomas sees Emily having fun in the snow and taking Annie and Clarabel out, he feels like he is missing out the events. Thomas decides to try and find his snowplough so he can join in with the fun, but as he steams along the snowy rails, he discovers the sidings had not been cleared yet. He cannot find his plough so he decides to try and find Emily instead. But it begins to snow and very soon, he gets stuck. Emily, however, uncovers his plough and soon finds Thomas in the drift. She rescues him and gives him his snowplough.

The Fat Controller is cross that Thomas hid his snowplough and makes Thomas clear the snow for Emily the next day. But Thomas wasn't disappointed and he learns his lesson and promises he will always wear his snowplough during the winter. Emily then brings him to the slope where the children are playing to enjoy the snow.


Some children also speak.







  • Snow can be seen inside Tidmouth Sheds.
  • Emily turns around between arriving at Tidmouth Sheds and leaving with Annie and Clarabel.
  • Before it snows at Tidmouth Sheds, James is to the far left of the sheds, whilst going right, Henry is in the next berth, then Gordon is in the next berth between Henry and Percy. But after it snows, Gordon and Henry move over one spot to the left and James takes Gordon's spot.
  • In the aerial shot of Thomas having his snowplough fitted he does not have snow on him, but in the next shot he does.
  • It is said that Thomas plays a trick on his driver, but the crew member who removes the snowplough is actually his fireman.


In Other Languages

Language Title
Chinese 托马斯不喜欢下雪
Czech Pro Tomáše žádný sníh
Estonian Ei mingit lund Toomasele
French Pas de neige pour Thomas
German Thomas’ Schneepflug
Greek Ο Τόμας στο χιόνι δε δουλεύει
Hebrew תומס מתחמק מהשלג
Hungarian Thomasnak nem kell hó
Italian Una Fitta Nevicata
Japanese トーマスとゆきかき
Korean 눈 오는 날
Norwegian Ingen snø til Thomas
Polish Tomek i jego pług
Portuguese Sem Neve para Thomas
Romanian Fără Zăpadă pentru Thomas
Russian Первый снег для Томаса
Spanish Thomas se pierde en la Nieve
Thai โธมัสไม่ใส่คราด
Ukrainian Несподіваний сніг для Томаса

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