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Noor Jehan is a diesel engine who works on Indian Railways. She is known for taking visitors on a tiger safari, in a set of Express coaches painted in the same livery as her.


Thomas & Friends

Noor Jehan first appeared when she distracted Rajiv while he was boasting to Thomas and reminded him that having a crown does not make him royalty.

She was later seen being prepared for the shooting of a Bollywood movie.

Ashima told Thomas about Noor Jehan's luxury tiger safari train and how popular it is.

Some time later, Noor Jehan woke up to find her brakes were faulty, much to Ashima and Thomas' concern and sympathy. She later found herself unable to stop as she sped into the sheds, though Rajiv acted quickly to shove Shankar out of the way before he was hit by her, so Noor Jehan only crashed into the buffers at the end of the rails and was stopped by the impact, thanking Rajiv for his quick thinking in getting Shankar out of danger from her.

Later on, she found Thomas stopping at a station while making a delivery to a far off part of the Indian Railway, but when Thomas mistook a monkey saying "Yes" to be Noor Jehan answering his question about leaving his trucks there, she tried to stop him when she discovered what happened. Unfortunately, he was already too far away to hear her. Thomas later tried to fix things himself, but he ended up causing more problems and got Shankar involved with spilling his trucks full of fruit. Noor Jehan suggested to Thomas that he talk to Charubala about all this as he could not fix it on his own. Realising she was right, Thomas went to confess what happened to Charubala. Thankfully, she was very forgiving for Thomas not telling her about what happened sooner and assured him they would be able to fix everything by working together. With Ashima, Noor Jehan and Shankar's help, Thomas fixed his mistakes. Back at Varkala Railway Station that evening, Charubala congratulated her engines on a job well done, before an elephant trumpeting prompted Ashima to ask if anyone wanted to go for a swim, since Thomas first caused all this when he got distracted by seeing elephants swimming earlier, leading to a good laugh from everyone.


Unlike Rajiv, Noor Jehan does not let her decorative looks go to her head, and berates the former for his pompous attitude. She is also calm and down-to-earth. She is also a kind and loyal diesel locomotive. However, she can be serious about Thomas making mistakes by not seeking help when he indirectly caused confusion and delay.

Technical Details


Noor Jehan is based on an Indian Railways (IR) WDM-2 class. Introduced in 1962, this class has gone on to become the workhorse of the Indian Railways, with over 2 800 examples built. Eight locomotives have also been sold to Sri Lanka.


Noor Jehan is painted cream with red, purple, lavender and sky blue patterns. Her roof is painted purple, her buffer beam is maroon, and her buffers are silver with black shanks.


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  • Noor Jehan's name means "light of the world", which coincidentally was also the name of a former queen from India.
  • Noor Jehan uses Butch and Ivan's horn sound, but some steps lower.
  • Noor Jehan has been scaled down from her basis to standard gauge, but as a result, her cab and cab doors are too small for her crew to fit in. This is most noticeable in Thomas Goes to Bollywood, where a Bollywood crew member is noticeably too tall to fit through her cab door.
  • Unlike her basis, Noor Jehan's livery is based on the Palace On Wheels, a luxury tourist train operated by Indian Railways.
    • In addition to this, her decorative tinsel is based on the decorations worn by WDM-2B No.16631 during service as the locomotive for the Palace On Wheels.



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