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The North Western Railway (NWR) also known as Sodor Railways (SR) is the main standard gauge rail network on the Island of Sodor.


In The Adventure Begins, we first see the construction of the North Western Railway. At the time, the smallest engine on the line was Edward (2) who would shunt in the Knapford Yard. The biggest engine on the line was Gordon (4), the second biggest was Henry (3) and the newest was James (5). James arrived at some point before Glynn (1) the coffee pot was retired. Thomas an LBSC tank engine arrived after Glynn had been reitred and he was given his number 1 and his branchline along with two coaches Annie and Clarabel.

It's implied at the end of The Adventure Begins that the big engines would go on strike and Percy would have to be brought on to help.


The steam engines are painted primarily cerulean with red lining (Thomas, Edward, Gordon), secondarily green with red lining (Henry, Percy) tertiarily red with yellow and blue or black lining (James) and quaternary black with red and white lining (Donald and Douglas, but they were painted primarily cerulean with red lining in the Story Library Books). The numbers are painted in yellow with red borders on the side of the cabs, tanks or tenders. From sixth series and up, there is no set colour scheme for the engines.

The coaching stock are primarily painted in dark green and cream with yellow lining, secondarily red and cream with yellow lining, tertiarily dark red, and quaternary orange (Annie and Clarabel)

Secondary carriages are principally painted either orange (Annie and Clarabel), red or dark green with cream window surrounds (Emily's Coaches, Old Coaches) and white wheel rims.

The wagons are mostly painted pink with grey frames, blue with silver frames, or grey, red, or green with black frames.

The brake vans are mostly painted grey or brown with black frames and white fittings.

NWR railway lines

Interchanges with other railways

Movements of rolling stock (particularly engines) to and from the narrow-gauge railways is achieved by transporting them on flatbeds on the standard-gauge system, for example, when Rheneas is sent away for repairs.


North Western Railway

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