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“Why are pirates called pirates? Because they just arrrr!”

Not Now, Charlie! is a magazine story, it was illustrated by using images from the CGI television series. It was later published in the 2015 Thomas Annual.


One day, Charlie is joking about pirates. Not everybody likes his jokes, but sometimes, they cannot help but laugh anyway. Charlie sets off, thinking of new jokes, when he suddenly gasps and stops: there is an elephant on the line. Charlie is worried about the elephant, and tries to move it by blowing his whistle, but fails to do so.

Thomas is up ahead, so Charlie catches up and tries to tell him about the elephant. Thomas, however, thinks Charlie is joking, and goes back to work. Charlie then tries to tell Percy and Henry about the problem, but they do not believe him either. Charlie is sad that no one believes him.

Charlie rolls past the Sodor Animal Park, where a fallen tree has crushed the fence of the elephant enclosure. Charlie realises that the elephant must of escaped from the park, and knows that he must find someone who will take him seriously. He knows just who to find.

Charlie goes to the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre, where he tells Harold about the elephant. Harold believes Charlie, and together they set off to find the elephant.

Charlie and Harold find the elephant down near Brendam Docks. The elephant is loaded onto a truck, and Charlie delivers it back to the animal park where it would be safe.

Everyone is relieved to see the elephant safely home, and Sir Topham Hatt praises Charlie. Charlie decides to stop telling jokes for a while so people might take him seriously in the future, but he then giggles as he remembers another joke.





  • When Charlie is trying to move the elephant, it is said that he sees Thomas, but there does not appear to be any tracks in the area other than the ones that are being occupied by Charlie and the elephant.


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