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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the DVD or the magazine story.

“This is the fastest we've ever been!"
"I don't like it... AT ALL!"
"I've got my eyes closed!"
"Does it help?"
"No, not really!”
―Annie and Clarabel

Not So Slow Coaches is the second episode of the eighteenth series.


Annie and Clarabel often complain about Thomas' speed which Thomas uses as an opportunity to be cheeky. When they complain that he is going too fast, Thomas slows right down until they are just crawling along. When they tell him to speed up, he does so and they complain about his speed again.

One day, Thomas is so busy teasing Annie and Clarabel that he is late arriving at Dryaw. His next job is to take some trucks up to the quarry, so he has to leave Annie and Clarabel in the shunting yard and rush off. While he is away, Caitlin arrives at the yard. She leaves her coaches there while she visits the Steamworks to get her bolts tightened.

Soon, Thomas has completed his delivery to the quarry and is hurrying back to the shunting yard. Caitlin arrives back at the yard first and Charlie tells her a funny joke. Charlie is so busy laughing that he shunts Annie and Clarabel with Caitlin's coaches. Caitlin is coupled up to her coaches and does not notice that she also has Annie and Clarabel as she pulls away. Annie and Clarabel had been sleeping, so they do not know it is actually Caitlin who is pulling them along until they see Thomas puff into the yard. Thomas arrives just in time to see Caitlin pull away with his coaches. He tries to stop Caitlin, but she does not hear him.

Annie and Clarabel are not enjoying their journey with Caitlin at all. They are being pulled along faster than they have ever gone before. Eventually, Caitlin pulls into Wellsworth Station where she meets up with Connor. She challenges Connor to a race and, much to Annie and Clarabel's horror, he accepts the challenge. They pull away just as Thomas enters. Once again, Thomas calls out, but the streamlined engine does not hear him.

As Annie and Clarabel are being raced towards Ulfstead Castle, they vow never to complain about Thomas again. Finally, Thomas makes it to the Ulfstead Castle hill, just as Caitlin is coming back down. Thomas calls out, but Caitlin thinks he is just saying hello and speeds on her way.

Thomas knows he needs to stop Caitlin before she gets to the Vicarstown Bridge to go to the Mainland. However, as Thomas arrives at the bridge, Caitlin has already crossed it. He feels very upset that he has made it too late. Just then, Hiro arrives on his way back from the Mainland. He tells Thomas he has managed to stop Caitlin and he has Annie and Clarabel coupled to him. Thomas is delighted to see his two faithful coaches again.

Later on, Thomas apologizes for being so cheeky, and in turn, Annie and Clarabel apologize for their complaining. Annie and Clarabel then cannot resist telling Thomas that he is going too fast again, which causes them all to laugh.





US and CAN

  • Martin Sherman as Thomas
  • Togo Igawa as Hiro
  • Ben Small as Charlie
  • Jonathan Forbes as Connor
  • Rebecca O'Mara as Caitlin
  • Teresa Gallagher as Mavis, Annie and Clarabel


  • This episode is similar to the magazine story, First-class Carriage.
  • This episode marks Charlie's final speaking role in an episode, as well as the final time he is voiced by Ben Small in the US dub before he left the voice cast.
  • This episode marks Caitlin's only appearance in the eighteenth series.
  • This episode marks the first time that Annie and Clarabel have been the main characters in an episode.
  • The episode's American air date coincides with the 70th Anniversary of The Railway Series.
  • In the Japanese dub, Charlie's joke was replaced by "When will two bees meet?" and the answer is "August." The Japanese name for August is 八月 (Hachigatsu), which is used as a homophone of "Hachi-ga-two" meaning two bees.
  • In the Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Baltic Russian and Vietnamese dubs, the UK dub can be heard in the background as a dubbing track was not used.
  • This is the third episode in the series where Keith Wickham does not voice any of his characters.


  • There are two models of Farmer McColl at his farm.
  • In the shot after Thomas says "If you want me to go fast..." Thomas is not coupled to Annie.
  • When Thomas says, "Cinders and ashes! I'm supposed to be taking some trucks to the quarry after this!" a man getting off Annie and going into the station seems to overlap the ceiling as his head goes right through it.
  • In the first shot of Caitlin arriving at the shunting yards, her right (viewer's left) eccentric rod is not animated and is disconnected from her coupling rods. The same goes for when Caitlin arrives at Wellsworth.
  • When Charlie and Caitlin first meet up in the shunting yards, Charlie's eyes are wonky.
  • After Hiro shows Thomas that he has Annie and Clarabel, his eccentric rod is not rendered properly to attach his return crank.
  • Throughout the whole episode, parts of Caitlin's side rods do not turn like they are supposed to. The same goes for Connor when he and Caitlin race, as their siderods are out of sync with their wheels and appear to be disconnected altogether.
  • In the first shots of Connor and Caitlin at Wellsworth station, Connor's siderods are disconnected from his valve gear.
  • The second shot of Clarabel at Wellsworth station has multiple differences to the first:
    • Additional trees appear on the left of Clarabel.
    • More ballast appears on the open track.
    • Annie, Clarabel and Caitlin's coaches shift positions between shots.
    • The sides of the bridge disappear.
    • Connor's last coach disappears in the second shot, although the shadowing for it remains.
  • When Connor and Caitlin reach the top of the hill going up to Ulfstead Castle, Connor's coaches float above the tracks at the peak of the hill.
  • In the UK dub, when Mavis says "Empty trucks!", her mouth still moves to say "cars" instead of "trucks."
  • When Charlie and Caitlin first meet at the shunting yards, Charlie stops with his side rods close to his front going down his wheels, but in the next scene, his side rods have moved in different places.
  • A white dot is visible on Caitlin's middle driving wheel.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Não Tão Rápido, Nem Tão Devagar
Czech Ne tak pomalu, vozy
Danish Ikke så sløve bumletog
Dutch Snelle Wagons
French En Avant, Les Wagons!
Hungarian Gyorsuló kocsik
Italian Vagoni Veloci
Japanese はやすぎよ おそすぎよ
Korean 천천히 가요
Latin American Spanish Vagones No Tan Lentos
Lithuanian Ne tokia ir leti vagoni
Norwegian Ikke så trege vogner
Polish Niezbyt Szybkie Wagony
Portuguese Carruagens qué não estão lentas
Romanian Vagoane nu chiar atât de lente
Russian Быстрая езда Энни и Кларабель
Serbian Ne tako sporo vagoni
Spanish Vagones Veloces
Taiwanese Mandarin 頑皮的湯瑪士
Turkish Hızlı Yolcu Vagonları
Ukrainian Не Такі Вже й Повільні Вагони

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