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“Oh, the indignity!"
"No, Gordon - oh the silliness!”
―Gordon and Sir Topham Hatt

O the Indignity is the seventeenth episode of the fourteenth series.


It is "Clean Sodor Day" on the Island and Gordon has to take his Express Coaches to the Steamworks because they have wonky wheels. Gordon is annoyed, as he has to pick up the Island Inspector from the Docks at teatime. Victor instructs Gordon to put the coaches inside where Whiff and Scruff are waiting. Scruff has a broken bufferbeam and Whiff has to wait with him. Then the Fat Controller arrives with a very important job for Gordon - he is put in charge of Whiff's Waste Dump for the day, which he is rather upset about.

Soon, Gordon arrives at the waste dump. There are smelly rubbish trucks everywhere. Then, Gordon hears a very worrying whistle - Spencer. Gordon knows that Spencer will tease him so he goes to hide. When Spencer pulls in with a truck of rubbish belonging to the Duke and Duchess of Boxford, he sees no one in charge and leaves the truck. Next, Gordon hears another whistle. It belongs to James - the snootiest engine on Sodor. Gordon does not want James to see him working at the dump, so once again he hides. James comments on how terrible it smells, leaves the truck and then exits the dump. Finally, Gordon hears a horn which belongs to Diesel, so Gordon goes to hide once again. Diesel leaves the truck but then, Whiff, Scruff and Thomas arrive with the Fat Controller who is most annoyed. The waste dump is in a dreadful state. Gordon comes out of hiding but cannot get to Thomas and the Fat Controller as the lines are blocked with rubbish trucks. Gordon knows how to put the chaos right. He asks the Fat Controller if Whiff can pick up the inspector. The Fat Controller agrees and Gordon, with Scruff's help, sets to work.

Later, Whiff's Waste Dump is looking tidy and clean, just as Whiff puffs in with the Fat Controller and the Island Inspector. The Fat Controller shows the dump to the inspector who praises Gordon for his good work, which makes Gordon very proud and, although he may be a bit smelly, he has to admit he had fun.








  • In the UK dub, Keith Wickham gives Whiff a different voice.


“Puffing pistons! What a pong! This is the pongiest place I've ever puffed to! Which pongy engine is in charge here?”
“Whiffing-woo! What a mess! This must be the stinkiest spot on Sodor! Only stinky steamies work here!”
“Smells and bells! Only a stinky steamie could leave all these stinky trucks here!”


In Other Languages

Language Title
Chinese 哦 真丢脸
Czech Taková potupa
Danish Åh, hvor ydmygende
Finnish Voi Mikä Häväistys
French Gordon, le roi des poubelles
German Der Aufräum-Tag
Greek Ωχ, που να πάρει
Hungarian Micsoda megaláztatás!
Japanese ゴードンとおおそうじ
Korean 냄새나는 기관차
Norwegian Noe så skammelig
Polish Och, co za Zniewaga
Portuguese Mas que ultraje!
Romanian O, ce Rușine
Russian День чистоты
Spanish Indignidad
Swedish Åh, vilken förolämpning
Thai วันอับอายของกอร์ดอน
Welsh O y Cywilydd

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