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Ol' Wheezy is a wooden logging crane that is stationed on Misty Island.


Ol' Wheezy is the biggest crane in the logging camp, but is dangerous and reckless; he tends to throw logs and flatbeds instead of working properly. Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand find it amusing and even fun, but Thomas found Ol' Wheezy too frustrating to work with, making him search for other equipment to use instead.

He was later used to amuse Dowager Hatt and then decorated for the Misty Island Christmas party alongside Hee-Haw. In the sixteenth season, he broke down and Thomas, Den and Dart's drivers tried to fix him. Eventually, both Den and Dart's drivers succeeded and Ol' Wheezy was back to his old, log-flinging self.


Despite not being sentient, Ol' Wheezy is referred to as a male. Bash, Dash and Ferdinand describe him as "wild" and "fun", and prefer using him over Hee-Haw, as he doesn't use as much oil. Thomas, however, finds Ol' Wheezy too frustrating to work with.


It is unknown what machine Ol' Wheezy's design is based on, although he does resembles an American Hoist and Derrick Steam Log Loader modified as a stationary crane with an added frame and a larger exhaust pipe.




  • Ol' Wheezy is the first non-sentient crane to be named on screen. However, Ol' Wheezy can speak in the Japanese dub.


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