“Old engines like you aren't very reliable."
"What do you mean? I haven't broken down in ages!”
―Gordon teasing Edward

Old, Reliable Edward is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


One day, Gordon is very rude to Edward. He says that old engine like him are not very reliable. Edward is shocked; he has not broken down in ages. Gordon chuckles to himself and speeds away.

As Gordon starts to climb Gordon's Hill, he spots a red flag and screeches to a stop, but it is not a danger flag, it is just a pair of red trousers. Now, Gordon is at a standstill halfway up the hill with his heavy coaches and he cannot start again. Gordon is stuck.

Edward is sent to give Gordon a push. When he arrives, Gordon is not very polite to Edward. He does not even wait to thank Edward for his help.

Later that day, Edward tells Thomas all about Gordon and they come up with a plan. Thomas is going to race Gordon and he sets off to offer the challenge to the big, bossy engine.

The next day, Thomas meets Gordon for the big race. Thomas puffs off first, but Gordon catches up fast. As they get to Gordon's Hill, Gordon demands that Thomas move out of his way, but Thomas does not move. Gordon ends up going slower and slower behind Thomas until he stops completely. Then, Edwards puffs by and remarks that he cannot be very reliable if he keeps getting stuck on his old hill. Gordon needs Edward's help again and finally feels bad for teasing him. Gordon says sorry and promises not to call Edward old and unreliable again. Edward is happy that Gordon has learned his lesson and gladly backs up to give the big engine a push.




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