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Old Bailey is a fogman and is also the current stationmaster of the Hawin Lake station.


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When Henry tried to take a goods train by Hawin Lake, he saw a light flickering from the station, a mysterious amber signal, and a discarded coat hung on a tree, which made him turn back in fear of ghosts. The next day, he tried to take the same train down the route, but the trucks became scared by the light and pulled Henry forwards, hurtling themselves into a ravine. Immediately, Old Bailey showed up and scolded Henry's crew for ignoring his warnings. To make reparations, the crew and Sir Topham Hatt renovated Old Bailey's station and made him the stationmaster.

At some point after this, Old Bailey moved to work at the Blue Mountain Quarry, which he is shown doing in the CGI series.


In hindsight, Old Bailey can be the "mysterious figure" but he's actually a very well-mannered person and while he comes across as blunt, it's only for the sake of keeping the North Western Railway safe during strong periods of fog. Aside from his dedication as a fogman, Old Bailey takes great pride as the Stationmaster of Hawin Lake without fuss.


As a fogman, Old Bailey wears a yellow shirt, a brown coat, a brown fedora and grey trousers.

As a stationmaster, Old Bailey wears a uniform consisting of blue trousers, a black tie, a white shirt with a blue overcoat, and a blue cap, with a brass plate on the front.


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  • In the magazine story, Henry Helps, Old Bailey is incorrectly depicted to be Henry's driver.
  • In Haunted Henry Old Bailey's small scale head was reused from the Mid Sodor Manager.
  • His small scale stationmaster figure was portrayed by a regular railway worker.
  • In Series 8 Jem's small scale head was repainted to resemble Old Bailey's. Old Bailey's large scale head was used on Jem's figure to coincide.
  • In the model series he has white hair but in the CGI series his hair colour changes to black.
  • His large scale body was reused several times later in the series.
  • Old Bailey bears a slight resemblance to US narrator George Carlin.
  • Old Bailey was never referred to by name in the CGI series, however, he is referred to by name in a Japanese DVD of the CGI series.
  • In the magazine story Summer Fun!, Old Bailey is also the stationmaster for Dingley Halt.
  • His CGI model appears to be based on a reference photo of Headmaster Hastings' body.



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