Old Bailey is a fogman and is also the current stationmaster of the Hawin Lake station.


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When Henry tried to take a goods train by Hawkin Lake, he saw a light flickering from the station, a mysterious amber signal, and a discarded coat hung on a tree, which made him turn back in fear of ghosts. The next day, he tried to take the same train down the route, but the trucks became scared by the light and pulled Henry forwards, hurtling themselves into a ravine. Immediately, Old Bailey showed up and scolded Henry's crew for ignoring his warnings. To make reparations, the crew and Sir Topham Hatt renovated Old Bailey's station and made him the stationmaster.


Old Bailey wears a stationmaster's uniform consisting of blue trousers, a black tie, a white shirt with a blue overcoat, and a blue cap, with a brass plate on the front.



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  • In the magazine story, Henry Helps, Old Bailey is incorrectly depicted to be Henry's driver.
  • The model for Old Bailey's head was later re-used for Jem Cole's head for the ninth series.



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