Old Coaches in the television series are used on local passenger trains due to their age.


Thomas & Friends

The old coaches are usually found at Knapford.

After being allowed to go out, Edward got to pull a train of old coaches. They were very proud and impressed with Edward and his crew. [1]

When Gordon, Henry and James went on strike, Thomas got to pull a train of old coaches as he had to do the big engines' work. [2]

Henry has pulled a train of old coaches a few times. Once, due to his old shape, Henry had trouble pulling a train of old coaches and had to stop at Wellsworth. Edward had to take the train the rest of the way for him. [3]

James has pulled a train of old coaches once. [4]

Technical Details


The old coaches appear to be freelances though they do bare a resemblance with some pre-grouping company builds such as those on the Great Northern and Great North of Scotland railways.


The old coaches were painted emerald green with cream window surrounds and black rooftops, with the first class/first and second class composite having an additional cream stripe. Due to the other side not being repainted they were regularly turned around for the filming of the first series but in episodes "Thomas and Gordon", "Edward and Gordon"and "Coal" the teak livery could be spotted.

In a postcard, two old coaches are painted brown with tan window surrounds and grey rooftops.


Thomas & Friends


  • In the first series episode "Edward and Gordon", the old coaches are mentioned as being sentient, despite not having visible faces or proper speaking roles.
  • The old coaches bear a slight resemblance to Emily's Coaches.
  • In the magazine story, Clarabel's New Friend, a sentient coach painted green with cream windows resembling the old coaches appears nicknamed The New Coach.
  • The Ertl toys of the old coaches are both brake coaches and are recycled from Annie and Clarabel's Ertl toys.



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