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“Hmm! Getting lost can be interesting, but being found is much nicer. Especially if it makes an engine feel Really Useful!”

Oliver's Find is the eighteenth episode of the fifth series. It aired back to back with Something in the Air during an airing of Storytime with Thomas in the US.


Oliver and his brake van Toad are enjoying their work in the big yard. One day, Toad notices Oliver feeling sad, because he is starting to miss the longer runs. Toad suggests talking to Sir Topham Hatt, but Oliver decides to keep quiet. As time goes on, Oliver stays unhappy and gets rough with the trucks. His mood and the trucks' behaviour lead to an accident in the turntable. Sir Topham Hatt transfers Oliver to the nightly mail train route so that he can have his smokebox cleared.

The new job cheers Oliver up as he makes good time on the mail route along the Coastal Run, until he stops to collect mail from Harold. Harold is late due to mechanical problems, which annoys Oliver. While trying to make up speed, he sees a red signal. He does not realise that the signalman has dozed off waiting for them and forgotten to change the points. After whistling several times, Oliver and his crew decide to proceed with caution and find out what the problem is at the signal box. Unknowingly, they are switched down an old, dilapidated branch line. The fireman points out that they are running low on water and, after passing an old station, they crash into a shed.

A concerned Sir Topham Hatt sends out a search party the next morning. They find Oliver and his crew safe and sound. Sir Topham Hatt knows the accident was not Oliver's fault. While chatting, Sir Topham Hatt notices an abandoned house nearby. He goes to inspect it and, when he returns to Oliver, he thanks him for finding the new house. He announces his plans for making it a tea house, where visitors can have refreshments.




  • Stock footage from Put Upon Percy, pre-filmed footage from Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday, and edited stock footage from Bye George! is used. Footage from the former isn't cut properly, as the truck with S.C. Ruffey's face can be seen in the mine.
  • When Oliver first passes the boats and barges with the post train, to the far left, Bulstrode's model without his face or eye mechanism can be seen.
  • The picture of Duke from Bulldog is in the signal box.
  • The yard Oliver is in at the beginning of the episode is the Tidmouth Sheds set extensively redressed.
  • The old station building is the same one seen in Toby's Discovery.
  • An image implies that Henry and James were intended to have larger roles.
  • This is the second episode to use the phrase, "confusion and delay" after Cranky Bugs. It is also the first episode where a character says it instead of the narrator.
  • The shed Oliver crashes into is really Toby's Shed.
  • The LT building, the three berth garage and some Shrimper boat models from TUGS appear during this episode.


  • When Oliver bumps the trucks, they are facing him, but when they crash into the turntable, they are facing the other way. Additionally, Oliver is missing his rear brake-pipe.
  • When Oliver goes along the coastal track, his last van bounces.
  • In a deleted scene, Henry's tender does not have coal in it.
  • As Oliver is waiting for Harold, Henry passes with some vans, then as Oliver is talking to Harold, James passes through with exactly the same line of vans Henry was pulling.
  • The track arrangements at Oliver's shed changes between the day and night sequences.
  • In one of the final shots, Harold's propellers are severely bent.

In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese 奥利弗的发现
Danish Olivers Fund
Dutch Wat Oliver vond
German Olivers Entdeckung
Hungarian Oliver a felfedező
Italian La scoperta di Oliver
Japanese オリバーのはっけん
Korean 우울한 올리버
Norwegian Olivers oppdagelse
Polish Odkrycie Olka
Romanian Descoperirea lui Oliver
Russian Находка Оливера
Slovak Oliverov Objav
Slovenian Oliverjeva najdba
Swedish Olivers fynd
Thai โอลิเวอร์ได้พบสิ่งที่มีประโยชน์
Welsh Rhywbeth diddorol

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