This article is about 'the 1993 annual story'. You may be looking for 'the 1985 annual story'.

Oliver Gets the Bird is a 1993 annual story.


While waiting at the Small Railway, Oliver notices a cage hanging outside the stationmaster's house. Inside there is a parrot named Cocky. That night at the sheds, while Oliver talks to Duck about the parrot, Duck scoffs and does not believe that the parrot can talk.

A few days later, Oliver is waiting for the last train on the Small Railway and is soon ready to depart with his passengers on board the coaches. Then he hears the guard's whistle and thinks that the guard has climbed into his van already. The train sets off and arrives at the big station. The guard is stern with Oliver for setting off too quickly. Soon they have all found out that it was Cocky, who must have learned how to imitate the guard's whistle.

After the confusion has been sorted, Oliver and Duck make up their quarrel.



  • This story is a rewrite of the 1985 annual story of the same name.
  • The story uses pictures from the third series episode, Escape.


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