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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the Buzz Book or the magazine story.

“I was here first!"
"But you're in my way! You'll have to back up again!"
"I won't!"
"You will!"
"I won't!”
―Bill and Ben arguing

One Good Turn is the nineteenth episode of the third series. It is based on the magazine stories Head On and Pulling Together.


Bill and Ben are sent to help in the yard at Upper Brendam. When they arrive, they tease BoCo like usual, and then start shunting. Soon, they finish, and as a reward for their hard work, they are allowed to have a go on the turntable.

Bill goes first and stays on the table until the foreman orders him off. Unfortunately, Bill is accidentally sent onto the same line as Ben, and they end up buffer to buffer. They argue about who is in whose way until the Fat Controller finally breaks them up.

Each blames the other for the incident, and the next day, they decide to give each other the silent treatment and badmouth one another to BoCo and Edward. Eventually, Edward and BoCo (at the end of their rope) make a plan to get Bill and Ben back together, which is then carried on to the Fat Controller.

The Fat Controller tells the twins to take BoCo's heavy goods train, and Ben claims to be able to pull it himself. When he discovers the train is too heavy for him, the twins realise their mistake and work together to pull the train, therefore making up for their quarrel.




  • Going by the Shining Time Station airings, this was the last third series episode told by George Carlin.
  • Early releases title this episode with an ellipsis or three dots ("One Good Turn...") at the end of the title. This was changed in later versions.
  • When Bill and Ben reply, "Oh yes sir, of course," to the Fat Controller at the China Clay Works, there is a building in the background on the left hand side of the screen with the name "Steve" written on it. This could be a reference to crew member Steve Asquith.
  • This episode marks the only appearance of the Wellsworth Yardmaster.
  • The Fat Controller's line "I need you to help the other engines" was also used as a voice sample for the Thomas coin-operated rides by R.G. Mitchell.
  • A shrimper and a twin berth warehouse from TUGS appears.
  • A deleted scene features BoCo's rare sleeping face, which was the only time it was used.
  • In the restored version, the first few seconds of the scene when one of the twins arrived at the hopper to play a trick on the workmen is cut compared to the original version.
  • This episode was paired alongside The Diseasel in an airing of Storytime with Thomas.
  • This episode was never released on DVD in South Korea.


  • Ben is meant to be surprised when he sees Bill puffing towards him on the same line, but instead, he is smirking.
  • During the side-on shot of Bill and Ben, Ben suddenly rises for a moment and his face is loose at the bottom.
  • It is clear during the side shot of Bill and Ben hitting into each other that they are being pushed. Their wheels do not move.
  • When Ben pulls up beside BoCo, the film becomes jittery.
  • When Ben is pulling the train, his back wheels seem to be derailed.
  • When Bill and Ben cross the bridge the second time, a sheep is tipped over.
  • In the restored version, Ben is not seen pulling up alongside BoCo because the beginning of the scene is extended.
  • When the narrator says, "Even kind Edward lost patience," one of the twins runs past Edward on a track right next to him, but in the very next shot, when Edward says, "All this grumbling spreads bad atmosphere in the yard," Edward suddenly changes to the track that BoCo arrives on a few seconds later. Then when BoCo arrives, he moves back to the same track as before. Lastly, in the close-up of Edward smiling, he moves back to BoCo's track.
  • When Edward says "All this grumbling spreads bad atmosphere in the yard!" his brake pipe is crooked.
  • When Edward is talking to BoCo, his face is off centre.
  • When the Fat Controller says "If you don't behave, I shall not allow you here again," a faded smile is visible behind his scowl.
  • When the narrator says "The twins grumbled about each other all day," BoCo's eyes are wonky.
  • In the UK dub, when Bill says "I don't think we'll take turns this time Ben!", Michael Angelis actually says "Terms" instead of "Turns."
  • Throughout much of the episode, a smudge of blu-tack can be seen above Bill's face.
  • In the side shot of Bill and Ben, the train of trucks on the foreground siding has disappeared.
  • At the end, Ben is still for a couple of seconds before he starts to move forward.
  • A piece of studio equipment can be seen in the shot before the narrator said "At last the day's work was done," and a truck appears to be derailed.


[the twins bump into each other]
Bill: I was here first!
Ben: But you're in my way! You'll have to back up again.
Bill: I won't!
Ben: You will!
Ben: I won't!
[their argument stops as the Fat Controller shows up]
The Fat Controller: If you don't behave, I shall not allow you here again.

Edward: All this grumbling spreads bad atmosphere in the yard.
BoCo: You're quite right. And that's why I've come up with a plan.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Cara a Cara
Chinese Mandarin 一个好的转折
Czech Záludná Otočka
Danish Bill og Ben på Drejeskiven
Dutch Alles Komt Goed
Finnish Napit Vastakkain
German Auf der Drehscheibe geht's Rund
Greek Τα δίδυμα τρένα
Hungarian A Fordítókorong
Italian Bill e Ben Fanno Pace
Japanese ビルとベンのけんか
Korean 빌과 벤의 깨달음
Latin American Spanish Un Giro del Destino
Norwegian Bill og Ben på Dreieskiva
Polish Zakręceni
Romanian O Întoarcere Bună
Russian Один хороший поворот
Serbian Jedno Dobro Skretanje
Slovenian En Pošten Obrat
Swedish Bill och Ben på Vändskivan
Turkish İyi Bir Dönuş
Ukrainian Добрий поворот
Welsh Helpu

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