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This article is about standard gauge carriages. You may be looking for narrow gauge ones.

Open-topped carriages are passenger coaches with no roofs.


The Railway Series

The National Railway Museum owns two replicas of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway open-topped carriages. Thomas used one of these when he was carrying out demonstrations during his time at the museum[1].

Thomas & Friends

The North Western Railway owned one open-topped carriage; it is the oldest coach on the railway, and every year, Edward would take Sir Topham Hatt around the Island on this coach for his birthday. However, the coach went missing one year and was forgotten about. Years later, it was rediscovered on an overgrown siding by Winston and Thomas, and it was taken to the Sodor Steamworks and restored as a birthday surprise for Sir Topham Hatt.

Sir Robert Norramby also owns at least six of the open-topped carriages, which are painted in the exact blue livery. They are used primarily by Stephen and Glynn, who use them to take visitors around the castle grounds. James has also used them to transport the Sodor Brass Band on a few occasions.

Technical Details


The open-topped carriages are based on the replicas of the third class four-wheeled carriages used by the Liverpool and Manchester Railway in the 1830s. Two of these replicas are owned by the National Railway Museum, both of which are used for demonstration runs with Stephenson's Rocket.


In the Railway Series, the National Railway Museum's coaches are painted cream with black wheels and door handles.

In the television series, the open-topped carriages are painted turquoise with black lining and gold door handles.



  • Throughout King of the Railway and the seventeenth series, the open-topped carriages inconsistently change in height. This is because a blue narrow gauge carriage was mistakenly used instead of the standard gauge variant.


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Wooden Railway
  • Based on King of the Railway
  • Includes Stephen with open-topped coach


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