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Original Songs 2 is a Japanese DVD featuring the songs from the seventh series.


  1. やっかいなかしゃたち! (Troublesome Trucks)
  2. まっかなききゅう (The Red Balloon)
  3. ソルティ~みなとのディーゼル~ (Salty)
  4. きてきのうた (The Whistle Song)
  5. にげたきかんしゃのうた (There Once Was an Engine Who Ran Away)
  6. 5つのあたらしいきかんしゃ (Five New Engines in the Shed)


  • The song order is the same as the Korean DVD, Thomas & Friends Sing-A-Long Vol.1.
  • This is the final Japanese DVD of the 1984-2020 series released by Fuji Television Network, Inc. due to the changing of the original Japanese voice cast starting with "Calling All Engines!", which its DVD was released two years after the eighth series aired in Japan, and three years after the special came out first in the United States and the United Kingdom. This recasting decision must also be related to the failure on viewership statistics on the Ponkickies revival that same year.


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