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“I told a wild yarn in my time but that sounds like flat out fibbing!"
"I was just trying to entertain everyone like you do. But I guess there's a difference between making up jokes and making up facts.”
―Shane and Thomas

Outback Thomas is the tenth episode of the twenty-second series.


In Australia, Thomas is delivering trucks to Pine Tree Station when Shane pulls up alongside him. When both arrive at the station, Shane picks up some passengers to take on an outback adventure which Thomas joins him on. He becomes impressed with Shane's showmanship in showing people the sights, including the crocodiles in Kakadu National Park, termite mounds and Isla, the Doctor's plane.

A few days later, Thomas is delivering some more trucks to Pine Tree when he sees Shane's coaches, Aubrey and Aidan. Shane is late pulling them, so when Shane's passengers see Thomas, they think that he is their outback tour train. Thomas considers telling them the truth, but decides that it might be fun to be the outback tour guide himself.

Unfortunately, since he does not know anything about Australia, he attempts to make up some facts about it himself based on what he can remember about what Shane told him. This ends up with Aubrey and Aiden laughing at his failed attempts, and his passengers questioning whether he is actually their tour guide.

Thomas later takes a wrong track, but does not listen to Aubrey's warnings as it would have to mean admitting he is not actually the tour guide. This ends up with Thomas on an old rickety bridge, where he tries to get Isla to help him. Isla, however, leaves and Shane is able to rescue Thomas. Thomas later admits to Shane about what he did, to which Shane sees the funny side about Thomas' facts.





US and CAN

  • Joseph May as Thomas
  • Shane Jacobson as Shane
  • Genevieve McCarthy as Aubrey
  • Tim Bain as Aiden
  • Teresa Gallagher as the Female Passengers
  • Rachael Miller as Isla, the Teacher and the Female Passengers
  • Matt Wilkinson as the Male Passengers


  • Going by production order, this is the fourteenth episode of the twenty-second series.
  • Shane Jacobson, Genevieve McCarthy, and Tim Bain join the voice cast.
  • The UK Netflix promo uses a screen cap from Who's Geoffrey?
  • The title of this episode is a reference to the Australian television show Outback Truckers.
  • This episode marks the first for a few things:
    • The first episode written by Tim Bain.
    • The first time since Thomas and the Magic Railroad where a writer voices a character.
    • Shane's first speaking role and episode appearance in the franchise as well as his first appearance since The Great Race.
    • The first episode to take place in Australia.
  • This episode focuses on Goal 15: Life on Land as it was part of Mattel's partnership with the United Nations to promote 6 of the chosen Sustainable Development Goals.
  • On the Nick Jr. US airing of this episode, it was paired with The Case of the Puzzling Parts.
  • After Shane rescues Thomas from the bridge and Thomas is telling Shane about his day, Shane says "And you told them we had a Queen named Kylie? We should be so lucky!" This is a reference to Australian singer Kylie Minogue and her single I Should Be So Lucky.


  • When Shane is explaining the termite mounds to the tourists, the ground is clipping through the left side of the track Shane is moving on.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Thomas no Interior
Czech Tomáš v Australském vnitrozemí
Danish Outback-Thomas
Dutch Outback Thomas
Finnish Tokamaiden Tuomas
German Thomas als Reiseleiter
Hebrew תומס בערבות אוסטרליה
Hungarian Vadonjáró Thomas
Italian Thomas Combina guai
Japanese オーストラリアのトーマス
Korean 오지로 간 토마스
Latin American Spanish Thomas en Outback
Norwegian Thomas i Australia
Polish Przewodnik Tomek
Portuguese Thomas no interior Australiano
Russian Экскурсионный поезд
Serbian Tomas u Australiji
Spanish Los Cuentos de Thomas
Swedish Thomas tågguide
Turkish Thomas Kursalda

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