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Owen is an orange incline engine who is stationed at the Blue Mountain Quarry.


Thomas & Friends

Owen is the incline traction engine at the Blue Mountain Quarry, whose job is to transfer trucks of slate up and down the incline. When he was first introduced, he tried to keep Luke a secret from Thomas and reluctantly helped Thomas up the incline when he needed to speak to Luke. This resulted in Thomas coming off the rails and hanging dangerously over the edge of a cliff until Luke saved him and brought him back to the incline. However, the weight of both engines was too much for Owen and the platform they were on hurled to the quarry floor.

In the seventeenth series, he was unsure about the idea of a deer staying in the quarry, believing that the quarry was no place for a deer and became disappointed when Luke had the idea of the engines working more quietly.

In the eighteenth series, he informed Percy about Gator's presence at the Blue Mountain Quarry.

In the twenty-third series, he was woken up by Nia and Paxton, who asked him if he could see a trail of glowing paint, he reluctantly helped, allowing Nia and Paxton to find Diesel.

He noticed Rusty wasn't in the quarry to collect the trucks due to his absence at the great little railway show for little engines.


Owen is an enthusiastic incline engine, based on a vertical traction boiler, housed at the top of the incline at the Blue Mountain Quarry. From high up above the quarry floor, he gamely takes great pride in his job and never tires in the overseeing of empty slate trucks up the incline, while sending loaded ones down, often announcing the transportation of cargo as he moves it between terraces. He likes to maintain steady, safe operation throughout the quarry and enjoys ensuring everything is running as it should. He is keen to help any engine about their work and make sure everyone is on track.

Technical Details


Owen is based on the incline at the Dinorwic Slate Quarry, which hauled slate trucks up and down the incline via two platforms attached to the winch. This incline works by hauling empty slate trucks on one platform and bringing loaded slate trucks down the incline on another platform. Unlike his basis, however, Owen does not have a transfer table at the bottom of the incline.


Owen is painted orange and grey, with yellow stripes and a brass nameplate.



  • Owen is equipped with a steam whistle, however it has never been sounded in the television series.
  • Early concept art of the Blue Mountain Quarry reveals that Owen was originally named Bud and had a much different appearance, including a crane arm.


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