“I love that nice bright orange of Terence the Tractor.”

Painting the Shed is a rebus magazine story.


One evening, the Fat Controller tells the engines that the shed is going to be repainted and the engines can choose the colour. Thomas thinks it should be blue, James thinks red and Henry thinks green. Henry then looks to Daisy for support, but she surprises him by suggesting white and yellow; the colour of daises. Then, Henry has another idea and suggests Terence the Tractor's orange colour. The Fat Controller scratches his head and comes up with an idea that everyone will be happy with.

The next evening, the engines excitedly arrive at the sheds and are surprised to see it painted brown. Daisy is quick to point out that nobody chose brown, but the Fat Controller explains that they mixed blue, red, green, yellow, white and orange and that made brown. All the engines groan except Toby who, after not saying a word the night before, thinks it looks great.


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