Patch is a young teenage boy who lives in Shining Time.


Patch was the first person, other than Burnett Stone, to discover the location of the workshop where Lady was hidden away deep inside Muffle Mountain. Patch later went on to befriend Lily and took her for a ride on his horse on the ground above the dormant Magic Railroad tracks.


Patch only appeared in Thomas and the Magic Railroad.



  • In the original script for the film, Patch would also have been portrayed as an adult, married to Lily. It is possible that this scene was actually filmed but cut, as Canadian actor Robert Tinkler is credited for playing an older Patch in the credits.
    • Sodor Island Fansite has speculated that the shot of a family riding horses at the end of the film is a shot of Lily and Patch's family, which would explain why Tinkler is credited.
  • In one of the original scripts of the movie, Patch rode his horse down the Magic Railroad to retrieve the truck of Sodor coal.
  • According to the character notes for the script of the movie, Patch was originally intended to be Irish.


  • Wooden Railway (only in 100 piece Thomas and the Magic Railroad set; discontinued)


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