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Patrick, previously named Lord Harry and known for a time by his number, No. 6, is a narrow gauge mountain-climbing engine who works on the Culdee Fell Railway.


The Railway Series

In 1960/1 Culdee and Shane Dooiney were in need of an overhaul, which required them to be sent to their manufacturer in Switzerland. The decision was made to order three new and more powerful engines to assist in the ever increasing traffic. Lord Harry was the first to be built at the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works in Winterthur, Switzerland, to the latest "superheated" design, and arrived on the Culdee Fell Railway in March 1962 where he was named after the railway's chairman, Lord Harry Barrane.

Lord Harry was troublesome and frightened his coaches by taking risks. [1] After he derailed at the Summit, Lord Harry had his name removed, and was sent to the back of the shed in disgrace. After he heard the tale of Godred, he asked for a second chance, and was given one as a lowly shunting engine. However, when a message came warning that some climbers needed help during a gale, No. 6 went to the rescue with The "Trucks", and was fittingly renamed "Patrick" in honour of a climber who risked his life to help the others. [4]


Like Godred, Patrick was very arrogant, pompous and reckless at first, but learned his lesson after his mountain rescue. Now, he only takes risks if absolutely necessary and is more responsible and mature than ever before. [4]

Technical Details


Patrick is based on No. 6 Padarn, an engine who worked on the Snowdon Mountain Railway. Padarn was formerly named Sir Harmood, after the chairman of the railway. Padarn was built at the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works in Winterthur, Switzerland in 1922.


Patrick is painted in the Culdee Fell Railway's livery of purple with orange lining. His number (6) is painted on the sides and back of his cab in yellow and he has a red nameplate with a gold boarder on the sides of his tanks with his name (Patrick) on them, also in gold. His buffer beams are painted red.


Official Description

From Official Website:[1]

Lord Harry: No. 6 Lord Harry is one of the new mountain engines, and is very reckless. He reckons his "Super Heat" means he can go twice as fast as the other engines. This caused him to come off the track once. The Manager put him in an engine shed in disgrace, and took away his name.

Historical Note: Lord Harry is based on a mountain engine buult in the 1920's by the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Co., pioneers in mountain "rack and pinion" railways.

From Official Media:[2]

Lord Harry: Lord Harry is considered to be a "terror" by the other mountain engines because of his arrogance and careless nature. Since he is a newer engine, Lord Harry thinks he does not need to pay the same attention to safety as the older engines. He learned his lesson when he derailed, causing both his and Wilfred's passengers to be extremely late.

Fun Fact: Because of his accident and disregard for the rules, Lord Harry's name was removed, and he is now known as Engine No. 6.

Audio Files

In More Railway Stories Patrick has a whistle sound.

First Used Last Used Sound Effect
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  • Patrick's merchandise lines still referred to him by his previous name, Lord Harry.
  • The 1979 annual incorrectly refers to Patrick's previous name, Lord Harry as "Sir Harry".
  • Like the other engines of the Culdee Fell Railway, Patrick has a face at each end.


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