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“Paxton doesn't give up easily, I'll give him that.”

Paxton is a kind and friendly green diesel engine. He often brings slate down from the Blue Mountain Quarry to other parts of Sodor, or is sometimes found working at Knapford Yards.


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Paxton was one of the diesels who took over the Sodor Steamworks.

Paxton often works at the Blue Mountain Quarry and was once involved in an accident there when Blondin Bridge collapsed. He was then sent to Vicarstown Dieselworks for repairs. Upon his return to work at the quarry, Paxton overheard Luke telling Thomas about how the little green engine knocked a yellow engine into the sea. Paxton told Diesel about what he had heard. Diesel decided that Luke should be punished and set out with Paxton to expose Luke. However, Paxton felt bad and helped Thomas and Luke out by bringing Victor to talk to Luke and the Fat Controller.

Paxton almost got into a collision with Winston when he was a runaway, but luckily he stopped just in time. Afterwards, he warned Gordon to be checked over after an accident with stone. When Gordon ignored his warnings and broke down, Paxton brought him to the Steamworks to be repaired.

After Sir Topham Hatt told Paxton among other engines to be careful near the bumpy track, Paxton then messed around on the damaged track with Thomas, causing Thomas to collide with Toby. After Toby said Thomas "Lost his puff", Paxton searched for the "Puff" and made himself look silly in front of Stephen and Victor. He then learnt that "Puff" means steam.

He was later used by Diesel 10 to steal Christmas decorations from Tidmouth Sheds, but soon lost patience and left to collect the truck that Sir Topham Hatt had told him to collect (which actually had decorations for the Dieselworks in it).

Diesel once got the other diesels to hide from Paxton. This worried Paxton, believing them to have disappeared, but he eventually found Diesel, stranded on the branch line en route to, with no fuel and shunted him to Kellsthorpe Road for him to refuel.

At Christmas time, he was given the job of transporting a Christmas tree to Ulfstead Castle. But the tree caused him to derail and when Diesel passed by, he refused to help Paxton. That night, Paxton pretended to be the Ghost of Christmas Present to try and remind Diesel of the true meaning of Christmas, but Diesel had gotten too scared to listen and ran away.

One day, he was pulling trucks when he found a train struggling on Gordon's Hill pulled by Samson along with Thomas as the back engine. He offered to help and pushed Samson and Thomas over Gordon's Hill.

One winter, when the steam engines ran out of coal due to the coal delivery being delayed, Paxton and the other diesels filled in for them in order keep the railway running.

He, along with Thomas, Rebecca, Annie and Clarabel got held up when James and Philip stopped on The Fenland Track and refused to move out of the way. Paxton realised that there were a lot of engines on the bridge and worried that it might collapse. Luckily, he and the others made way for James after Philip decided that he and the others would be the ones to reverse since the red engine would not do so. James later apologised to him and the others for the delay he caused for them.

He later helped Sidney solve "The Case of the Puzzling Parts" to find out whom his flatbed of parts was for. After colliding with Sidney when the latter broke down at the Blue Mountain Quarry, both diesels realised the parts were meant for Sidney.

Paxton once had to take some fruit and vegetables to Tidmouth Market. But upon arriving at McColl Farm, he learned from Terence that Rebecca had already taken them. He later learned that Diesel told her to bring them to the Blue Mountain Quarry (as well as the flatbeds of parts for Philip to the farm, Sidney's steel to Ulfstead Castle and Norman's stone trucks to Vicarstown Yards) in order to get them into trouble.

Later, he and Nia thought that Diesel was rude and no help at all. In response, the black shunter ended up covering himself in glowing paint in order to make them look for him at the Blue Mountain Quarry. When they did, they became cross with Diesel about his self-interested attitude.

Paxton and the other diesels later got trapped in their sheds after Den slipped on some loose seaweed from Salty after his accident and ran into the control panel, resulting in the steam engines doing their jobs. He also attempted to get through the gap of his shed but to no avail. They remained trapped the next day.


Paxton is a young, kind and gentle diesel who often works in or around the Blue Mountain Quarry and the Vicarstown Dieselworks. He is easily described as the opposite of Devious Diesel as he is good-hearted and well meaning, but gullible, naïve and easily misled. Due to these faults, he can be easily tricked by engines such as Diesel and has a tendency to take sarcasm literally (such as when Gordon ordered him to move over so he could fill up with diesel fuel when the big engine was obviously being sarcastic). He also has a short attention span, but a better memory than Sidney. He tends to be more of a follower than a leader and can sometimes find thinking for himself and making big decisions difficult. This may result in him being pressured into a situation he might not necessarily be comfortable with. However, if a friend is in trouble, Paxton will have the conscience and the self-assertion to do what he feels is right. As a result, the steam engines find that he is likeable and Paxton particularly looks up to Thomas at times. He also works alongside the narrow gauge engines frequently. However, Paxton can easily misjudge situations, misplace his trust in someone who might not have everyone's best interests at heart, particularly Diesel and is rather impressionable, but his good nature will ultimately show him for who he really wants to be.

There are times when Paxton has wised up, for he knows what Diesel is capable of. He can occasionally show some cunning, as displayed when masquerading as the Ghost of Christmas Present. He also loves to solve mysteries, no matter how tricky they prove.

Technical Details


Paxton is based on a British Rail (BR) Class 08 diesel-electric shunter. In the real world, BR Class 08s were in fact the most successful shunting engines in the world with 996 of them built. Over seventy of them are preserved by heritage railways, such as the Dean Forest Railway and museums, such as the National Railway Museum. Around one-hundred BR Class 08s also remain in service on the national rail network.

Diesel, 'Arry, Bert, Splatter, Dodge, Sidney, Ulli, the Mainland Diesels and Fernando are also based on BR Class 08s along with the international orange, blue and Chinese diesels. Two BR Class 08s also appear in The Railway Series.


Paxton is painted jungle green with yellow lining. His coupling rods and front buffer beam are painted grey, but have faded into a rusty red colour. His paint is chipped in places and shows signs of weathering.


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Official Description

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Paxton: Paxton is a young, gentle diesel who likes the Steamies, especially Thomas. He can be a bit gullible, enabling other Diesels to take advantage of him.

Fun Fact: Paxton is based on a British Rail Class 08 Diesel-Electric Shunter.

Audio Files


First used Last used Sound Effect
Blue Mountain Mystery Series 23

In Fiery Flynn, Paxton is incorrectly portrayed with Diesel's horn.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Fiery Flynn Fiery Flynn


In the mobile app Read and Play!, Paxton is incorrectly portrayed with a whistle, despite him being a diesel and having a horn. His whistle in the app is Emily's S7/Peter Sam's S9-S12/Freddie's whistle sound, which is combined with another higher pitched one.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Read and Play! Read and Play!

In the DVD game Blue Mountain Hide and Peep Game, Paxton is incorrectly portrayed with Peter Sam's current whistle.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Blue Mountain Hide and Peep Game Blue Mountain Hide and Peep Game


  • In The Ultimate Diesel Guide, it claims Paxton is always called by his nickname "Pax". However, he is only ever referred to by his full name rather than his nickname. He shares this dilemma with Norman and Sidney.
  • According to the Licensing Source 2015 book, Ian McCue stated that Paxton is his favourite character.
  • Paxton, along with Norman, was never named in Day of the Diesels outside the song.
  • On a few occasions, Paxton has gone faster than his basis' top speed.
  • According to Steven Kynman, Paxton speaks with a Cockney accent.
  • Paxton has had several changes to the television series as the series progressed. In the nineteenth series, his bumpers gained a metallic hue. He also gained a headlamp and tail lamp starting in Big World! Big Adventures!.
  • He is the only one out of himself, Sidney and Norman, who actually properly spoke in the Nitrogen era.


“ me! Um...I-I-I wonder if, er, someone could help me? M-maybe? Please?" (thud) "...Ow.”
―Paxton after being buried in the rubble from Blondin Bridge, Blue Mountain Mystery
“Oh my! Oh my!”
―Paxton having to choose between finding Sir Topham Hatt or finding Victor, Blue Mountain Mystery
“Hi, Stephen. Thomas lost his puff and I'm trying to find it and...well, I thought that might be...the lost puff...up there..."
"Up there? Well, that's just a cloud..."
"Yes, of course. I knew that. A cloud. to go. Great to see you. Bye, Stephen.”
―Paxton talking to Stephen about Thomas' "lost puff", The Lost Puff, seventeenth series


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