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The Peel Godred Branch Line is a little-known branch line with an aluminium works, hydro-electric power station and electric engines. The Culdee Fell Railway is located along this branch.


The Railway Series

In the Act of 1853, the Sodor and Mainland Railway gained the power to build a line from Cronk, but this never happened and fell through as the railway was becoming increasingly bankrupt. The Mid Sodor Railway was the result of this failed attempt. However, in 1923, the Peel Godred Power Company was granted permission to build a dam and hydroelectric power station one mile north from the town. To supply it, a branch line built by the newly formed North Western Railway was constructed from Killdane, with the power company paying half of the construction costs. The line's opening immediately caused a decrease in traffic on the Mid Sodor Railway, resulting in its closure. The eventual electric traction was supplied by the power station. Electrification was provided via an overhead catenary system.


From the junction at Killdane, the line travels north to Abbey, then to the Culdee Fell Railway at Kirk Machan, and finally the town of Peel Godred. The aluminium works are located one mile north of that. In the television series, it also calls at Hawin Lake and Whiff's Waste Dump, the junction to the Quarry Branch Line. Also in the television series, just south of Peel Godred is the junction to the Misty Valley Branch Line and before it, passes over an area which the road runs beside rail and passes a canal. There is also the Sodor Power Station which is located between the aluminium works and Peel Godred and it is responsible for producing all of the electricity on Sodor.

Engines and operations

The line is unique for being the only line on Sodor to use electric traction. For more information about the engines, see here.

Traffic is mainly freight. There are eight trains a day to Killdane, four of which continue (by steam) to Cronk.

In the television series, the line is non-electrified. Whiff and Scruff work on the line at Whiff's Waste Dump.

Rolling Stock


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