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The Peel Godred Branch Line is run by little-known electric engines that deal with the line's heavy aluminum traffic.


The Railway Series

No details are given as to the engines that first worked the Peel Godred Branch Line. Goods traffic is currently handled by engines similar to the BR Class 86 and 87 and the passenger services are run by electric multiple units. [1]

Technical Details


The goods engines are similar to the British Rail (BR) Class 86 and Class 87 engines. [1] In the book, More Bad Days for Thomas and his Friends, an engine based on a BR Class 90 is shown to be new to the line.

The passenger engines are electric multiple units while their specific basis is unknown, but it is most likely they would be part of the first generation of AC/dual-voltage EMUs.


The Peel Godred Engines are painted in the BR Rail Blue livery. They have yellow warning panels on their front and back end.




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