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Percy's Chocolate Dip is a Norwegian, Swedish and Danish DVD featuring thirteen episodes from the sixth series. It was released under the title Chocolate Percy for Slovenian audiences, and was released under the title The Jet Engine for Italian audiences.



  1. Middle Engine
  2. The Red Balloon
  3. Jack Frost
  4. Gordon Takes a Tumble
  5. Percy's Chocolate Dip
  6. Buffer Bother
  7. Toby and the Lambs
  8. Thomas, Percy and the Squeak
  9. Thomas and the Jet Engine
  10. Edward the Useful Engine
  11. Dunkin Duncan
  12. Rusty Saves the Day
  13. The Broken Whistle


  • The front cover of the Slovenian DVD is similar to the UK DVD, The Chocolate Crunch and other stories.
  • On the Norwegian DVD, Dunkin' Duncan is renamed "Duncan Looks Silly" and Buffer Bother has a hyphen added to its name.


  • On the Italian DVD, Emily is on the front cover, but she's from the seventh series, so she is not featured in any of the episodes.

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