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“Urgh, my wheels are all sticky!”
―Percy after running over the pumpkins

Percy's Lucky Day is a magazine story, illustrated using images from CGI television series.


One day, Percy is collecting the mail from Wellsworth. He is daydreaming and sees a man waving a green handkerchief on the platform. Percy mistakes this for the guard waving his flag and sets off too soon. This causes letters to fly everywhere. Thomas passes by and tells Percy that he hopes he has better luck for the rest of his day. Percy does not have time to listen to Thomas as he needs to make up for lost time.

As Percy is hurrying along, he notices that someone has dropped a load of pumpkins on the line ahead. Percy is unable to stop in time and he runs over the pumpkins. They make his wheels all sticky.

Percy finally arrives at Ulfstead Castle to deliver the mail. He meets Stephen and explains that he is having a bad day. Stephen offers Percy his lucky horseshoe and Percy accepts. Happy to have a lucky charm, Percy steams away. He does not notice the horseshoe fall off and onto the platform.

The next day, Percy has a pleasant day with no incidents. Percy attributes this to his lucky horseshoe which he still has not noticed has gone. Shortly, Percy comes across Bill and Ben. Ben has derailed and Bill is trying to pull him back onto the rails, but he cannot do it. Percy says that he can pull Ben back onto the rails with the help of his lucky horseshoe. Bill asks where the lucky charm is. Percy looks down and notices that the lucky charm has gone. Percy realises that lucky charm or not, he must try and help Bill and Ben.

The Fat Controller arrives at the scene just in time to see Percy pull Ben back to the safety of the rails. The Fat Controller praises Percy, but Percy is worried about loosing Stephen's lucky horseshoe.

Later, Percy goes to see Stephen who tells Percy not to worry about loosing the lucky charm. Stephen goes on to tell Percy that he did not need the charm anyway and that all the luck he had was his own. Percy whistles with delight and knows that he will now try his hardest to always be a really useful engine.




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