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“Out of my way, little tank engine!”
―Gordon to Percy

Percy's New Friends is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the CGI television series.


Percy has been given the day off and he is at Brendam Docks trying to find someone to play with. He asks Emily, Salty, and Thomas but they are all too busy to play. Percy trundles off to look for someone else.

As he chuffs along, he sees a rabbit by the tracks ahead. He decides that if he makes friends with some animals, he will have plenty of friends to play with. Percy decides to greet the rabbit as he does all his friends - with a wheesh and a whoosh. However, the rabbit runs away. Next, Percy sees two squirrels perched on a tree stump. Percy puts on his biggest smile and approaches the squirrels with a whoosh. Before Percy even has a chance to talk to them, the squirrels scurry off. Ahead, he sees a little bird. Before Percy even gets close to it, the bird has gone. Percy feels really sad.

Just then, Gordon comes thundering around the bend with the express. He is a fearsome sight and Percy is left feeling a little scared. Then Thomas arrives and explains why he is frightened. Thomas reassures Percy that Gordon did not mean to upset him. Percy understands and says that big, noisy things can scare little, quiet things. Then Percy has a thought; the rabbit, the squirrels, and the bird are all smaller and quieter than Percy. He decides that he must have scared the animals away.

Percy puffs back down the line and soon spots the bird again. He inches slowly and carefully towards it. The bird is curious and hops onto Percy's buffer. Further along the line, Percy and the bird are joined by the squirrels and the rabbit. That night, the engines are very surprised to see Percy backing into the sheds with all of his new friends.




  • It is said that the bird jumps onto Percy's buffer bar, but the image shows the bird perched on Percy's buffer.


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