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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the magazine story, the Thai DVD or the Chinese DVD.

“Happy birthday, Ma'am. Here is your very special birthday present!”

Percy's Parcel is the tenth episode of the thirteenth series.


It is Dowager Hatt's birthday, and the Fat Controller sends Thomas to collect the birthday guests. Percy feels left out as he has not been given a special. Mavis tells Percy that the Fat Controller is sure to have a special for him and tells him to let her know how it goes. As a matter of fact, the Fat Controller gives Percy the most important special of all; he is to collect Dowager Hatt's birthday parcel from Brendam and take it to Knapford. However, once at Brendam, Percy decides to show the parcel to Mavis rather than taking it to Knapford.

At the Quarry, Mavis is too busy working to look at Percy's parcel. Suddenly, Rocky drops a stack of slate onto Mavis' trucks and slate dust flies everywhere, covering Percy, Mavis, and the birthday parcel. Percy worriedly goes to the wash-down to be cleaned, but water splashes off of Percy and onto the parcel. He then takes it to the Sodor Steamworks to get it dried, but the parcel ends up looking wonky.

Percy decides not to show his parcel to Mavis nor take it to Knapford as he is much too worried about what Dowager Hatt would say if he arrived with a damaged parcel. So, he hides in a siding. Edward and Mavis stop close by, and Percy overhears Mavis telling Edward that she has a delivery of new crates from Victor. So, Percy goes back to the steamworks and asks Victor if he can have a new crate to carry the birthday present in. Percy arrives at Knapford station just in time where the birthday present turns out to be a portrait of Dowager Hatt. Mavis tells Percy that his delivery was special, and Percy feels very happy.




UK, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Africa

US and Canada


  • Keith Wickham joins the US voice cast.
  • This episode marks the first of two things:
  • According to the magazines, the portrait was originally planned to be delivered to the museum.
  • This episode marks last with a few things as well:
    • The last episode written by Robyn Charteris, as well as the only episode she wrote for the thirteenth series.
    • The last episode in which Dowager Hatt is called "Sir Topham Hatt's mother" in the US dub.
  • This episode aired before Hero of the Rails in Poland, meaning that the audience likely would not be familiar with Victor or the Sodor Steamworks.


  • In some shots, the axles on the flatbed Percy is pushing are missing.
  • When Edward and Mavis leave the junction, Mavis can be seen puffing steam.
  • In the second scene at the beginning of the episode, the right, back buffer of the last coach of James is missing.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Arabic المطرد المميز
Brazilian Portuguese A Encomenda de Percy
Catalan El paquet d'en Percy
Chinese Mandarin 培西的包裹
Czech Percyho balíček
Danish Percys pakke
Finnish Pekan Paketti
French Les Tribulations d'un Cadeau
German Percys Paket
Greek Το πακέτο του Πέρσι
Hungarian Percy csomagja
Icelandic Pakkinn hans Pésa
Indonesian Bingkisan untuk Percy
Italian Il Regalo di Compleanno
Japanese パーシーのじゅうようなにもつ
Korean 퍼시의 특별 소포 (dub)
퍼시의 소포 (subtitles)
Latin American Spanish El Paquete de Percy
Norwegian Percys spesial
Polish Przesyłka Piotrka
Romanian Coletul lui Percy
Russian Лучший груз
Serbian Persijeva preporučena pošiljka
Swedish Percys paket
Welsh Parsel Persi

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