This article is about the Chinese DVD. You may be looking for the episode, the magazine story or the Thai DVD.

Percy's Parcel is a Chinese DVD featuring five episodes from the thirteenth series. It was released under the title, Thomas and the Piglets (German; Thomas und die Ferkel) for German audiences.


Percy has a special Special. He is to deliver a big gift crate to Knapford. It is Dowager Hatt's birthday present from the Fat Controller. Percy is so proud, he decides that rather than go directly to Knapford, he will show off his gift crate to Mavis. But at the Quarry, it gets covered in slate dust! Percy is mortified and tries to rectify the situation by taking the crate to the wash down and then to be dried at the Steam Works. It is all a disaster! Percy then realises that he could put the bedraggled parcel into a new crate. Victor helps him and supplies a brand new crate which is painted red. When Dowager Hatt sees her new wrapped gift - she is thrilled!!



  1. The Early Bird
  2. Play Time
  3. Thomas and the Pigs
  4. Time for a Story
  5. Percy's Parcel


  1. The Early Bird
  2. Funny or Useful?
  3. Thomas and the Piglets
  4. The Special Story Time
  5. Percy's Package


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