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“That stupid old signal! No one listens to me now. They think I'm a silly little engine and order me about. I'll show them! I'll show them!”
― Percy[src]

Percy is a little green saddle tank engine who lives and works on the Island of Sodor, and is the North Western Railway's number 6 engine.


While Gordon, James and Henry went on strike after Thomas left the yard, the Fat Controller went to an engine workshop to purchase an engine to take over shunting duties at Knapford. He chose Percy and the little engine was shown what to do by Edward. While Gordon, James and Henry were shut up in the sheds, he ran Thomas' branch line with Annie and Clarabel while Thomas helped Edward on the Main Line.

Shortly after Gordon, James and Henry were let out of the sheds again, Percy was at Wellsworth and forgot to whistle to remind the signalman that he was there, resulting in Gordon nearly hitting him with the Express. Fortunately, Percy was able to start just in time to avoid a collision, however ended up running all the way to Lower Suddery without a driver or fireman, where he crashed into a bank of earth. Percy was then pulled out from the bank by Gordon and vowed to be more careful while on the Main Line.

Percy was still a cheeky engine and often liked to play jokes on Gordon and James, only for the two engines to have their revenge when Percy failed to recognize a "backing signal". After this, Percy was subject to bullying from the big engines until Duck arrived and helped Percy to put the big engines in their place, although Percy still received a reprimand from the Fat Controller for it.

With Duck's arrival, Percy was sent to Thomas' Branch Line to help build the New Harbour and has stayed there ever since as a goods engine. He met a self-centered helicopter named Harold who said that railways were "slow and out-of-date", so Percy decided to race him and won.

Due to his lack of experience, Percy has been involved in a number of accidents, especially during his early days on the railway. Some of these have included being pushed into the sea by troublesome trucks, crashing into a brake van after becoming a runaway and being covered with jam after running over a porter's trolley.

Percy's favourite job is pulling the Mail Train. For a time, Percy worked the branch line to the coal mines and became rather ill-tempered as a result of feeling overworked. While on the branch line, Percy had an incident with some runaway trucks and was nearly crushed by a landslide when the mines collapsed. Fortunately, Percy's quick thinking to get under the canvas barrier saved him and his crew. The Fat Controller rewarded his bravery and intuition with a fresh coat of paint.

Once - after a series of late deliveries - Percy overheard the Fat Controller talking outside the sheds and thought that he was going to scrap him after hearing him tell his driver that he had to go to the scrapyards. After causing a series of incidents in an attempt to get his jobs done on time the next day, Percy hid in the shed. With Thomas' help, the Fat Controller eventually found Percy and was able to explain what he had actually said: he had told Percy's Driver that he was late because he was working too hard and that, after taking a train of scrap to the scrapyard, he could be reallocated to the mail train for the week, which made him much happier.

During Gator's visit to Sodor, Percy formed a deep connection with him, despite having initially mistaken him for a monster. When Gator went to leave Sodor, Percy nearly went with him, until being convinced not to by Gator. Later on that night, he saved James from a landslide at the China Clay pits, earning his respect.

When Gator eventually did leave Sodor, Percy missed him and tried to cope by working hard so as not to think about him. When he had to deliver trucks full of precious sculptures and paintings for a special exhibition, he did not stop to be coupled and the Troublesome Trucks went rolling into the old mine. After remembering Gator's advice on how to be brave, Percy rescued the trucks from the mine. The pair later reunited - after a series of near misses - when Gator returned to Sodor for Christmas.

In the nineteenth series, Percy was given the job of taking Farmer McColl's ewes to Maithwaite for the Spring Fair. The next morning - while rushing - he accidentally bumped the livestock van too hard, creating a hole in the back of the wagon. After he had picked up the sheep, they would hop out whenever he stopped. Fortunately, Thomas, Annie and Clarabel were able to pick up the lost sheep as they were travelling not too far behind.

Percy was also given the job of taking the Fat Controller and the Mayor of Sodor to present a special bell for the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre's one hundredth rescue, and hoped he would have his picture taken for the newspaper. After overhearing him, a jealous Diesel tricked him into going to an old quarry instead, where he ran into a flooded section of track and became stranded. Diesel later came back for Percy after being confronted by Thomas, however his generator was damaged after he rolled into the water to get Percy out. Fortunately, the pair were shortly rescued by Rocky and the Search and Rescue team.

In the twentieth series, Percy had the job of taking the Christmas Mail to Vicarstown for Hiro to take to the Mainland and onwards to the North Pole, however was prevented from doing so by a snowdrift at a tunnel. Harold took the mail on for him, however later had to perform an emergency landing when he ran out of fuel. The next morning, Percy found Harold stuck in a field and out of fuel. Not wanting Harold to spend Christmas stranded and alone, he fetched his fuel and the two returned to Sodor.

Later, while Percy was taking the Mail Train at night, he heard a moaning sound from underneath the Watermill bridge, which gave him a fright. Percy later told Thomas and Toby about it and, remembering the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff, he thought it was a troll that was living under the bridge. The three engines reluctantly crossed the bridge and discovered it was only a lost cow.

After Thomas was involved in a collision with Norman, Percy was initially intended to take his place in the shunting competition of the Great Railway Show. Later, however, Thomas managed to make it to the show and Percy opted to drop out of the competition, being too nervous to compete in it.

In the twenty-first series, Percy became confused because of the new P.A. system which was not working properly. Because of this, he ended up taking a delivery of pigs to Lord Callan at Callan Castle. He was also told by Dowager Hatt to pull Gordon's Express instead of Gordon doing so, but because he was not strong enough to pull it, he got stuck on Gordon's Hill and ended up severely delayed.

In the twenty-second series, when Merlin first came to Sodor, Percy thought everyone was talking about how Merlin is an invisible engine, so that was why Percy had not seen him. He looked everywhere for the invisible engine until he met up with Merlin (who did not get a chance to introduce himself) and heard what he believed was the invisible engine's whistle (which was actually Trevor's whistle) and rushed off to tell Thomas about hearing what he thought was Merlin's whistle.

In the twenty-third series, Thomas began to miss Percy while in China, though with prompting, he decided to send a postcard. Percy later began worrying about Thomas when snow came, and he got himself into an accident looking for Thomas when he became late. His friends soon found him in his current predicament, and Percy felt foolish when he learned that Thomas was only late due to a salt delivery.

In the twenty-fourth series, Percy overheard some talk about a railway show at Ulfstead Castle for little engines, though when the Thin Clergyman found out, he clarified it was a model engine show. Percy felt foolish for the misunderstanding, having wanted a moment for himself to shine, but he felt proud that after the confusion was cleared up, the winning model was one of himself.

Thomas and the Magic Railroad


Percy in Thomas and the Magic Railroad

When Diesel 10 was attempting to find and destroy Lady, Percy helped Thomas in solving the clues which would lead them to the Magic Buffers first, to stop him. After overhearing Mr. Conductor talking in his sleep, he concluded that he travels to Sodor via the Magic Railroad and discussed it with Thomas at Knapford. Thomas told Percy about the missing truck and realised about how the buffers led to the magic railroad.

Later, Thomas told Percy to guard the buffers to ensure that Diesel 10 did not find them, only for him to find Splatter and Dodge there already. After witnessing this, he raced to warn Thomas and Lily to get to Muffle Mountain before Diesel 10 could destroy the railroad.


Percy is a rather cheeky, but kind engine. He normally behaves well, yet he also gets himself in trouble by jumping into situations without adequately thinking them through first. He loves teasing other engines, especially bigger ones such as Gordon and James, but is always brought down to earth in due course by anyone who gives him the moral to learn, especially the Fat Controller. He can also be somewhat timid.

Percy can also be questionable and naive to certain difficult words: he would say "depotstation" whereas anyone else would say "deputation", "dingy-fried" instead of "dignified", "dimmer-station" instead of "demonstration", "inspectacles" instead of "inspector", "tenkiakihos" instead of "technology" etc.

Percy is incredibly accident-prone and has many accidents, sometimes due to his own silliness or his tricks backfiring. He holds the dubious record of the most accidents in one series - five, all of which happened in the second series; crashing through some buffers, falling into the sea, being pushed onto a brake van, colliding with a cart of lime and being hit by a falling crate of treacle. His silliest accident to date, however, was in the sixth series, when he slipped on oily rails, crashed through the chocolate factory and emerged covered in chocolate. Despite this, he always tries to do his best, learns from his mistakes and get his jobs done, a loyalty which the Fat Controller has praised him for on many occasions.

Although their friendship has been turbulent at times, Thomas is Percy's best friend. He is also good friends with Toby. While he has a small rivalry with Harold stemming from their race, they are always willing to help each other when in trouble.

Percy can also be seen as an easy target for teasing by the big engines, more particularly Gordon and James, especially whenever he has an accident or is afraid of something. He also has held a grudge against Gordon and James about their fooling him into misinterpreting a signal but silenced this with some help from Duck. This shows that, when nonsense goes too far, Percy will not stand for it and seek help to settle the matter for good, even if he faces a reprimanding from the Fat Controller for it.

During the CGI series, Percy became slightly wiser and a little less cheeky. This could be because he learnt his lesson for being cheeky or because he did not want to get in trouble again. Also, Percy and Thomas' friendship has expanded and they hardly ever argue. Despite his increased maturity, Percy still falls victim to occasional bouts of naivety and misunderstandings.

Technical Details


Percy is an 0-4-0 saddle tank engine based on engines from the Avonside Engine Company[6]

The 2013 Writer's Bible and the 2015 trading card suggests that Percy most closely resembles the Avonside SS Class "Trojan" 0-4-0ST saddle tank engine of the Great Western Railway.[7] Additionally, the Meet the Contenders segment, also states that Percy's basis origin is GWR.[8] Furthermore, Trojan has also been used to portray Percy in past Days Out with Thomas[9] events.

Another tank engine resembling Percy's shape is seen in the My Thomas Story Library book, The Fat Controller.


Percy is painted in NWR green with red lining around his saddle tank and yellow lining around his windows. His number (6) is painted on his bunker in yellow with a red outline. He has a white running board with red bufferbeams and valences. His coal rails are painted black and he has a gold dome.


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Percy also appeared in the magazine stories, A Good Hiding Place, A Long Way Up!, Big Catch, Bill and BoCo, Boat Afloat, Clever Climbers!, Daisy and the Fish, Fish and Fog!, Fishy Diesel!, Flying James, Funnels and Tunnels, Good Games, Bad Sport!, Happy Holiday!, Harvest Time, Jack Frost, Jim's Jungle Ride!, Just Right, Lost Luggage!, Making a Mess!, On Inspection, Percy Gets Wet!, Percy's Stories, Puzzles, Really Useful Edward, Rushing Around, Snake Mistake, Sodor's Strongest Engine, Spooky Station, Spotty Spencer, Steaming Along!, The Big Ship, The Camel Train, The Christmas Sacks, The Cloud Factory!, The Lost Parcel, The Runaway Percy and Think Pink.

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Official Description

From Official Website:[1]

Percy the Small Engine No.6: Percy is the junior member of the principal team of engines. He is a happy little chap who's normally quite happy puffing around the yard with no particular desire for adventure in the great world outside. He is always keen to oblige, a fact of which the other engines are apt to take advantage, and just occasionally his respect and admiration for Sir Topham Hatt borders on outright servility.

Historical Note: Percy is an 0-4-0 saddle tank engine based on engines from the Avonside Engine Company.

From Official Website:[2][3]

Percy: Percy is the junior member of the principal team of engines. He is a happy little chap who's normally quite content puffing around the yard with no particular desire for adventure in the great world outside. He is always keen to oblige, a fact of which the other engines are apt to take advantage.

Fun Fact: Percy is a 0-4-0 saddle tank engine based on engines from the Avonside Engine Company.

From Official Website:[4]

Percy: Percy is the No. 6 green engine. He is the junior member of Sir Topham Hatt’s railway. He is quite content puffing around the yard with no particular desire for adventure in the world outside. Percy is Thomas' best friend and his favorite job is delivering the mail. He is always happy to help and other engines sometimes take advantage of his good nature.

Fun Fact: Percy is an 0-4-0 saddle tank engine based on engines from the Avonside Engine Company.


Audio Files


First used Last used Composers Theme Song
Series 1 Series 3 Mike O'Donnell
Junior Campbell
Series 5 Series 7
Series 8 Series 12 Robert Hartshorne
Day of the Diesels Series 19


First used Last used Sound Effect
Series 1 The Sodor Springtime Parade
First used Last used Sound Effect
Hero of the Rails Series 24

In the second half of the third series and one episode of the Learning With Thomas mini-series, Percy has his whistle, but two steps lower-pitched. This would later be reused for Toby in the fourth series and Logan.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Series 3 Learning with Thomas

In one scene in the US version of Thomas and Stepney, Percy has Thomas' whistle, but three steps higher-pitched. This would later be reused for Stanley in the twelfth series.

Only used Sound Effect
Thomas and Stepney (US version)

In Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Percy reuses Gordon’s whistle in said film, at six steps higher pitch.

Only used Sound Effect
Thomas and the Magic Railroad

In one scene in Thomas and the Sounds of Sodor, Percy has a lower-pitched version of his whistle.

Only used Sound Effect
Thomas and the Sounds of Sodor


  • Percy is the only engine who is known to have been named by Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Percy is also the first green standard gauge tank engine to appear in the television series.
  • Percy is also the second tank engine to be introduced in the television series. The first being Thomas who is the first character to be introduced in the entire series.
  • In some international dubs, Percy's name was changed:
    • In the French dub of the first five series, Percy is called "Pierre".
    • In the Greek dub of the first seven series, Percy is called "Jerry". From the thirteenth series onwards, he has been referred to with his original name.
    • In the second Polish dub, narrated by Stefan Knothe, Percy is called 'Piotruś', which is a Polish diminutive for Peter, which is coincidentally Peter Sam's name in the same narration which could be a reason why Peter Sam's Polish name was later changed, so it would not be confusing.
  • Percy has been shown to be quite popular among several people who worked on the series:
    • Britt Allcroft has stated he was her favourite character (due to him being green and cheeky).
    • Mike O'Donnell has Percy down as a favourite for being a "cheeky little chap".
    • According to Abi Grant on her website, Percy is her favourite character.
    • Percy is Mark Moraghan's favourite character, alongside Cranky.[10]
  • Percy is the first character other than Thomas to be the main protagonist in a special, that being in the 2011 special Day of the Diesels.
  • In the fifth series episode Thomas and the Rumours, Percy is stated to have a branch line, despite not being known to have one in the series. It is possible that this was in reference to Thomas' Branch Line, which Percy also works on, or the Harbour Line of Thomas' Branch Line, which Percy helped to build.
  • Percy has the same whistle sound as Edward, albeit in an octave higher in pitch.
  • Percy is the first of three engines to have their whistle sounds change pitch but eventually return to the original, the others being Edward and Skarloey.
  • Despite being titled the small engine, Percy is much wider than Thomas in the model series of the original series. However, Thomas is longer and slightly taller. In the CGI series, Percy is depicted more clearly as shorter than Thomas in height, but he ultimately remains wider and is only just shorter in length than Thomas by a buffer's length.
  • Percy's theme from the eighth to twelfth series is based on the main theme for the Indiana Jones films.
  • The 2013 Writer's Bible, his 2015 trading card and his 2016 Meet the Contenders video incorrectly attribute the Avonside SS Class 0-4-0ST "Trojan" as being Percy's basis. This error came as the result of popular speculation that Percy was based on this engine due to him being described as an Avonside locomotive in The Island of Sodor: Its People, History and Railways.
    • Interestingly, Trojan has previously been dressed up as Percy for Days Out with Thomas events at the Didcot Railway Centre.
  • Percy has been written and played to be a certain age a few times during the series.
    • During the sixth and seventh series, Percy was written to be two and a half years old.[11]
    • Martin Sherman stated that he played Percy as "the little brother he never had".[12]


“Hello! I'm Percy, the number 6 green engine. I'm Thomas' best friend, and I love delivering the mail.”
― Percy's website audio
“Don't call me 'Dirty Percy'!”
― Percy to Gordon in Thomas, Percy and the Squeak


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