“Jammed your brakes? Ha! Ha! Ha! Silly old James! Stuck, eh?”

Percy Gets Jammed is a magazine story.


Percy is shunting trucks in the yards. The stationmaster comes running towards him and tells Percy's driver that James' brakes had jammed as he was taking a truck of fruit to market. Percy laughs at James' misfortune but James is not happy. There is no time to turn Percy around so he has to push the truck. But the buffers come into view as Percy is still giggling about James' jammed brakes. The truck smash into the buffers, split open and fruit go everywhere. The Fat Controller is very cross with Percy. James thinks it serves Percy right for being cheeky and Percy knows that James was right. 




  • James' face is out of proportion with his running board in the third illustration.
  • Percy's buffer beam is grey in the seventh illustration.
  • Percy's piston is tilted in the tenth illustration.
  • James' driver is left uncolored in the eighth illustration.
  • James' number is black.


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