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“You're heavier than a bulldozer and a steamroller put together!”
―Nelson to Thomas

Percy Helps Out, originally titled Nelson Gets Carried Away, is the ninth episode of Jack and the Sodor Construction Company. It was released on​ Thomas' Trusty Friends.


Nelson gets tired of his job of always having to carry the other machines to and from work and back home and he wishes that he could be carried for once. That night, Nelson has a dream that he is being carried, until Miss Jenny wakes him up the next morning and informs him that Thomas had an accident at Maithwaite Crossing and Sir Topham Hatt needs Nelson to take him to the repair yard.

Nelson arrives to see that Thomas had derailed and broken a wheel. Nelson is careful to load Thomas, but complains that he is "heavier than a bulldozer and a steamroller put together," much to Thomas' surprise as he is only a tank engine. While on their way to the repair yard, Thomas is impressed with Nelson and how nice it is to be carried for a change. Nelson tells Thomas he wants to be carried too, but does not think anyone is big enough to carry him.

Nelson arrives on time where Sir Topham Hatt is waiting and he praises him for being a really useful lorry. Miss Jenny needs Nelson back at the yards, so Nelson says he would drive as fast as he can, but Sir Topham Hatt says that would not be necessary when Percy arrives to carry Nelson back to the yards, much to Nelson's delight. Nelson is loaded onto Percy's well wagon and is having a really splendid ride, which is as magical as he had dreamed.




  • In storyboards by Robert Gauld-Galliers for this episode, it is referred to as "Jack and the Pack: Series 1, EPS 21".
  • This episode was originally titled Nelson Gets Carried Away, although that title is listed on Virgin TV Anytime's website.
  • According to Dave Axford, the bridge that Nelson carries Oliver underneath may have been part of the Big Dipper, which was first and only seen in Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
  • A behind the scenes picture shows that Thomas was meant to take Nelson back to the yards.
  • This episode marks the last things:
    • The last episode to be written by Brian Trueman not counting to the cancelled episode, No Dozer is an Island.
    • Nelson's last appearance.
    • The last appearance of Rail Under Road Bridge and Stone Wall to date.
  • The episodes title is quite similar to Edward Helps Out, the US title for Edward and Gordon.
  • This is the first time Thomas' is traveled on road on a lorry, however, this could be the second time he did so if the Railway series story Not the Ticket, from Thomas and the Great Railway Show counts. This would happen again in the nineteenth series episode, The Other Side of the Mountain.


  • When Nelson says, "We'll get you back in no time", his eyes are wonky.
  • There is a hole in Thomas' running plate on his left side.
  • Thomas is winched onto Nelson's trailer without any rails to guide his wheels.
  • In the second shot of Nelson carrying Byron, his trailer is missing its winch.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Dutch Percy Helpt Een Handje
German Percy hilft aus

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