This article is about the magazine story. You may be looking for the episode, the Buzz Book, the My First Thomas book or the Dutch DVD.
“Railways are slow and quite out of date.”
―Harold teases Percy

Percy and Harold is a magazine story.


Percy has been working hard at the new harbour, and sometimes he meets Thomas, who congratulates his friend for helping out to please the Fat Controller. An airfield is close by, and Percy often hears the aeroplanes zooming overhead – the noisiest one of all is a helicopter.

Percy later meets the helicopter - who introduces himself as “Harold” - at the airfield. Then as Percy tells him that he likes his rails, Harold comments that the railways are slow and quite out of date as he whirls away. Percy is still in a bad mood as he collects his trucks at the quarry, and starts off. He soon hears a familiar buzzing noise, which is Harold, who is not far ahead and the race is on!

Percy is gaining on Harold with such speed, until he notices a distant signal warning them that the harbour wharf is near, as they gradually slow down and stop. Percy worries that they have lost to Harold, until his fireman notices that they appear to have won the race, as Harold is still hovering and looking for a place to land. Then he begins to sing a song for Percy’s triumph – which makes Percy feel happy once again.





  • In the final illustration, Percy has two siderods.


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