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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the DVD.

“I hope I didn't blow my whistle too loudly."
"Not at all, Percy. You showed you were in charge.”
―Percy and the Fat Controller

Percy and the Bandstand is the eighteenth episode of the twelfth series.


Jack and Alfie are helping to build a bandstand at Great Waterton. That evening, there will be an open-air concert as a surprise for Lady Hatt, who is a big fan of brass bands. All of the engines have special jobs; Edward is bringing special parcels, Thomas is bringing banners and bunting and Percy is bringing gravel for the pathways. When Percy arrives at Great Waterton, the trucks are being troublesome and refuse to be shunted. This ends up with Percy having to use his "do-as-I-say" whistle which tells the trucks that Percy is in charge and they have to do what he wants. The Fat Controller is impressed and gives Percy the job of bringing Lady Hatt to the concert. Percy is then instructed to not tell her where he is taking her, as it would ruin the surprise. Percy agrees and collects a carriage before heading to Maithwaite to pick up Lady Hatt.

At Maithwaite, Percy tells Lady Hatt that her Sir Topham has asked him to take her on a special trip. Lady Hatt misunderstands and tells Percy that first she would like to visit the duck pond. Percy knows there is not enough time to do that, but does not dare tell Lady Hatt. At the duck pond, Lady Hatt watches the ducks. Eventually, Lady Hatt climbs back on board and tells Percy she would like to visit the windmill next. Again, Percy does not want to tell Lady Hatt what to do and steams off to the windmill. There, Lady Hatt starts talking to Dusty Miller and Percy is left becoming increasingly more worried. At last, Lady Hatt finishes talking to the miller and tells Percy that she would like to go to the woods. Like last time, Percy goes along with Lady Hatt's wishes and soon arrives at the woods. Lady Hatt wanders off to admire some bluebells, when Thomas arrives. He tells Percy that the Fat Controller is becoming cross, as Lady Hatt has not arrived yet. Percy promises to get Lady Hatt to the bandstand in time and Thomas puffs away. Percy is left with no other option than to blow his "do-as-I-say" whistle. Lady Hatt walks out from the trees clutching a handful of bluebells. Percy tells her that he has to take her to a surprise. Lady Hatt is delighted, but wishes that Percy had told her sooner.

Percy and Lady Hatt arrive at Great Waterton on time. She is delighted with her surprise and thanks Percy for getting her there in time. The Fat Controller also thanks Percy for keeping the bandstand a surprise. Percy's "do-as-I-say" whistle has saved the day.





  • When Percy pushes his trucks into Great Waterton, the first truck is shown from its back side. However, when the trucks start to misbehave, the first truck flips position and gains a face.
  • Lady Hatt is taller when Percy tells her that she has to go to the "surprise destination."
  • When Percy arrives at the bandstand with Lady Hatt, his coach disappears.
  • When Percy arrives at the woods, his steam platform is visible.
  • Miss Jenny's buttons have been depicted on the wrong side of her shirt.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Percy e a Banda do Coreto
Chinese Mandarin 培西和音乐会
Croatian Pero i podij za orkestar
Czech Percy a hudební altánek
Finnish Pekkan Mahtikäskyvihellys
French Percy et la fanfare
German Das Überraschungskonzert
Indonesian Percy dan Panggung Band
Italian Percy e il Palco della Banda
Japanese めいれいのきてき
Korean 사모님을 위한 깜짝 선물 (Kids 1)
퍼시와 깜짝 선물 (EBS)
Latin American Spanish Percy y el Quiosco de la Banda
Percy y la Glorieta
Polish Piotruś i Estrada

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