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“Now go and get a hot wash-down and say goodbye to that duck!”
―Sir Topham Hatt

Percy gets Wet! is a magazine story.


It has been raining for three days and Percy is wet and cross. He wants to go back to the sheds, but his driver insists they take the long way home as the bridge is flooded. Percy dismisses his driver's warning and goes over the bridge. It is not long before Percy is wheel-deep in water.

The Fat Controller is very cross and makes Percy stay there until the water subsides. Percy is left feeling lonely until a duck comes and sits on his buffer. The next morning, the Fat Controller returns and Percy apologises for not listening to his driver. The Fat Controller is glad and orders Percy to go and have hot wash-down. Percy gives the friendly duck as toot as he puffs away and the duck jumps back into the water.


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