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This article is about the annual story. You may be looking for the book or the magazine story.

Percy to the Rescue is the first story in the 1985 Annual.


It is nearly Christmas, and the Vicar of Ffarquhar is taking some school-children to their party on Thomas' train. However, he accidentally leaves his Father Christmas costume behind at Ffarquhar, and it is too late for Daisy to go back and retrieve it. Thomas has an idea and suggests that Percy bring it as he is shunting near Ffarquhar. Thomas' driver telephones to Ffarquhar, and Percy is sent to deliver the costume. Later that day, the Fat Controller praises the three engines for their great service and wishes them a merry Christmas.




  • Daisy's appearance changes in every illustration.
  • In the sixth illustration, Daisy is incredibly out of scale.
  • Percy is very stretched out in the fifth illustration.
  • When Percy is stretched, the rails under and beside him overlap.