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“Taking part in a pantomime is the best fun of all!”

Perfect Panto is a magazine story.


Thomas has been pulling the Pantomime Special. Every day, he takes lots of excited children to see the show. He can see they have really enjoyed the show which makes him wish he could see a pantomime. His friends think so too, so Thomas decides they should make their own show and the Fat Controller agrees.

So the engines think of a story and their crews write it down. The station staff make the scenery for it and Lady Hatt makes special costumes. Finally, when the show begins, the staff and their families watch it eagerly. Thomas has the best part. He is dressed in a sheet, painted to make him look rusty and dirty, and his character makes friends with a "Fairy Queen Engine". Afterwards, Thomas concludes that taking part in a pantomime is the best fun of all.



  • The rails do not have spikes.
  • Henry is in his old shape.