“Pheesh! Thanks to my snowplough, that job wasn't too hot to handle!”

Perfect Plough is a magazine story.


On his way to the steelworks, Thomas has to stop at a signal where he can see Terence ploughing in the field. Thomas tells the tractor that he has had a new snowplough made ready for the winter. At the steelworks, Thomas' new snowplough is fitted and he decides to leave it on so that he can show it to Terence.

Meanwhile, back at Terence's field, James chuffs past burning bad coal. Sparks pouring from his funnel sets an old barn ablaze, unbeknownst to James. The farmer rushes to phone the fire brigade. The fire brigade soon extinguishes the fire, but the frail barn collapses across the railway line. Thomas arrives and clears the smoldering wreckage from the tracks with his new snowplough, just before Gordon steams past with the express.



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