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“What do you mean by leaving me behind?!"
"I'm sorry, Refreshment Lady, but Henry said he might leave without us!"
"You silly engine! Henry was teasing you! He wouldn't have gone without our passengers. He's a guaranteed connection!"
"Well, where's that Henry?!”
―The Refreshment Lady and Peter Sam talking about Henry

Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady is the seventh episode of the fourth series. It is based on the story of the same name from the Railway Series book Four Little Engines.


Sir Handel has been naughty, so the Fat Controller has shut him up in the shed for a while. Peter Sam is now single-handedly running the Skarloey Railway and extremely excited about his new position, despite Skarloey warning him to keep calm. One morning, despite his best efforts, Peter Sam is late to Crovan's Gate. Henry is unimpressed and threatens to leave without his passengers next time. Peter Sam is secretly worried, but soon gets back to work, happy to be running the Skarloey Railway. He begins singing to himself and the coaches happily follow along.

Later that afternoon, Peter Sam makes his scheduled hour-long stop at the Lakeside Station. Whilst there, his crew buy tea and cakes from the refreshment shop at the station. The lady who runs the shop always catches this train home. Peter Sam begins to worry about missing Henry's train as the crew and passengers return. As the Refreshment Lady approaches the platform, Peter Sam suddenly starts - he claims he had heard the guard's whistle, the guard meanwhile believes Peter Sam was simply being too impatient. Whatever the cause for it is, the coaches quickly alert him that he has left the Refreshment Lady behind. This makes him stop and allow her to get on the train.

Fearing that he will miss Henry, Peter Sam races back to Crovan's Gate as fast as he can. To his relief, he arrives to station, find that Henry is still there. The Refreshment Lady angrily demands to know why Peter Sam he left her behind. Upon hearing his apology and explanation, however, she laughs and explains that Henry was only joking; as a guaranteed connection, he has to wait for the passengers. Peter Sam is furious and determined to give the larger engine a piece of his mind, but Henry has already left the station, chortling as he does so.




  • Stock footage from A Bad Day for Sir Handel is used.
  • A modified model of O.J. from TUGS, Lakesider III, appears in the water as Peter Sam enters the lake station. In a Japanese magazine adaptation, Lakesider III was seen with a speech bubble, despite not being known to be sentient.
  • Peter Sam's brief song ("I'm Peter Sam, I'm running this line...") while puffing down the line has the same melody as the 1840s song, Skip to My Lou.
  • In the Playtime UK VHS, in the last scenes, the guard's and Henry's whistle sounds are omitted.
  • Duncan appears briefly, even though he is not meant to arrive until after Peter Sam's accident, as stated in Home at Last.
  • This episode marks the Refreshement Lady's only speaking role until the seventh series episode, The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop.
  • This episode marks the Narrow-Gauge Coaches' last speaking role.
  • Two narrow gauge coaches with faces that were used in this episode are now owned by Twitter user ThomasTankMerch.


  • In two scenes at Crovan's Gate, Henry is wearing Gordon's sad face. As a result there is a large gap between Henry's eyes and the face eye sockets due to Gordon's eye mechanism being in a slightly different position than Henry's.
  • When Peter Sam is singing, his eyes are misaligned.
  • In the US narration, George Carlin says that the Refreshment Lady sells tea and cakes to the "conductor, fireman, and the guard" for them to buy, but guard is the British term for conductor, and there is no mention of the driver.
  • The end of the set can be seen as Peter Sam crosses the viaduct.
  • When Peter Sam starts to leave Lakeside, a wooden pole can be seen pushing his train.
  • Throughout this episode, Peter Sam's coaches constantly keep gaining and losing their faces.
  • When Peter Sam talks to the Refreshment Lady at the end, blu-tack can be seen under his face.


Sir Handel: (grunts) Anyone would think that he wanted to work.
Skarloey: All respectable engines do. Keep calm, Peter Sam, and you'll do well.

Henry: [to Peter Sam] This won't do, youngster. I can't be kept waiting. If you're late tonight, I'll go off and leave your passengers behind.

Peter Sam: (singing to the tune of "Skip to my Lou") I'm Peter Sam, I'm running this line.
I'm Peter Sam, I'm running this line.
What fun it all is.

Peter Sam: Peep, peep! Hurry up, please! [to himself] How awful. If we miss Henry's train.
[the conductor prepares his flag and whistle. The Refreshment Lady makes her way, but Peter Sam starts immediately]
Coaches: Stop, stop, stop! You left the Refreshment Lady behind!
Peter Sam: Bother. We're sure to miss Henry now.

[after Peter Sam reaches Crovan's Gate on time, much to his relief]
Peter Sam: Hurrah!
Henry: Not bad, youngster.
Refreshment Lady: What do you mean by leaving me behind?
Peter Sam: I'm sorry, Refreshment Lady, but Henry said he might leave without us!
Refreshment Lady: [laughs] You silly engine! Henry was teasing you! He wouldn't have gone without our passengers. He's a guaranteed connection!
Peter Sam: Well! Where's that Henry?!
Narrator: But Henry had chortled away.

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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 彼得萨姆和餐车女士
Czech Petr a Dáma z Bufetu
Danish Peter Sam og Servitricen
Dutch Peter Sam en de Koffiejuffrouw
Finnish Peter Sam ja Kahvilan Rouva
German Peter Sam und die Imbissfrau
Greek Ο Πέτρος Βιάζετε
Hungarian Peter Sam és a Frissítőárus Hölgy
Italian Peter Sam e la Ristoratrice
Japanese からかわれたピーター・サム
Korean 피터 샘의 실수
Latin American Spanish Peter Sam y la Mujer Olvidada
Norwegian Peter Sam og Serveringsdamen
Polish Peter Sam i Pani Bufetowa (Original)
Piotruś Sam i Pani Ekspedientka (Alternate)
Romanian Peter Sam şi Vânzătoarea de Răcoritoare
Russian Питер Сэм и хозяйка магазина
Slovenian Peterček in Natakarica
Swedish Peter Sam och Förfriskningar Kvinnan
Ukrainian Пiтер Сем i Лимонадниця
Welsh Ar Ôl

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