Pirate Passengers is a magazine story.


Bulstrode the grumpy barge is bored. He watches Thomas pull up nearby with some coal trucks. He boasts that he used to carry coal just like Thomas. Then, Mavis puffs up pulling stone from the quarry. Bulstrode boasts that he used to carry heavy loads of stone. Thomas and Mavis feel sorry for Bulstrode. The carnival is to be held soon and Thomas has an idea which he tells to the Fat Controller, who agrees. Bulstrode is taken to the works where he is turned into a pirate ship! He is then hoisted onto a lorry and takes part in the parade as an olden-day pirate ship. His crew even dresses as pirates. Bulstrode is very happy.



  • When at the works, Bulstrode's hull is covered over with planks of wood but when Thomas takes Bulstrode back to the beach, the wood is gone.
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