“Hand over all your treasure!”
―The "pirates"

Pirates! is a "read and colour" magazine story.


Duck loves his coastal branch line, but is worried at the prospect of pirates boarding and taking over his train. One day, his worst nightmare becomes a reality when a group of fearsome pirates board his train! Before long the pirates start filling their buckets with money and insisting that everyone "hand over their treasure".

When they arrive at the main station, Duck's driver decides he should give the rowdy pirates some money too. Next the most astonishing thing happened; the Fat Controller arrives with some schoolchildren who play with the pirates! It is then that Duck's driver explains to the frightened engine that they are really local sailors raising money for a good cause.

That evening, Duck drops the sailors off at the lifeboat house. The chief "pirate" explains that they are raising money for a new lifeboat to help rescue people at sea. Duck was very happy as he had met some pirates that were not so fearsome after all. Now he is certain that his branch line is the best on the Island .



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