This article is about the 2013 magazine story. You may be looking for the episode, the 2010 magazine story, the 1996 magazine story or the UK VHS.
“Good to see you! I hope you're still up for fun and games!”
―Charlie to Thomas

Play Time is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


Thomas is collecting Allicia Botti from the Docks when Charlie arrives. Thomas has not seen Charlie in ages and is very happy to see him again. Charlie is just as happy to see Thomas. Soon, the Fat Controller drives up and asks Charlie to collect some trucks from the Steamworks. Charlie offers to race Thomas to the Steamworks, but Thomas says he is too busy. After being told he is "no fun" by Charlie, Thomas changes his mind and they both race off to the Steamworks.

At the Steamworks, Charlie suggests that they race to the Fenland Fields. On the way there, the bumpy tracks jolt loose Thomas' coupling hooks, but he does not know. After the race, Thomas realises he is late and speeds off. One of the couplings come unhooked and Thomas leaves Annie, Clarabel and Allicia Botti behind.

When Thomas arrives at the Town Hall, the Fat Controller is very angry and inquires as to where Annie, Clarabel and Allicia Botti are. Thomas is shocked and rushes off to find them. Thomas sees Charlie who wants another race, but this time Thomas refuses. He carries on and soon finds his missing carriages and Allicia Botti who is singing to the other passengers. Allicia climbs back on board and Thomas speeds away as quickly as he can to the Town Square. When Thomas arrives, Allicia Botti is very happy; she has had the best ride ever.




  • In the first image, Allicia's speech bubble mistakes Charlie for Percy.
  • In one illustration when Thomas is said to be at the Town Hall, he is actually just outside Wellsworth station. He is also covered in a dirty liquid; this is because the image is taken from the sixteenth series episode, Thomas and the Rubbish Train.

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