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This article is about the UK VHS. You may be looking for the episode, the 1996 magazine story, the 2010 magazine story or the 2013 magazine story.
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Playtime (alternatively titled Stories, Sing Along Songs & Things to Make and Do and Volume 14 in New Zealand) is a UK/AUS/NZ VHS featuring one fourth series episode narrated by Michael Angelis, four first series episodes and three second series episodes narrated by Ringo Starr. It also contains two songs from the fourth series, one song from the third series and activities which can be found on the inside of the sleeve.


  1. Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady * - Peter Sam is very busy on the line and is rushing around collecting passengers. In his haste to meet the connections with Henry, he leaves the Refreshment Lady behind on the platform.
  2. Thomas Goes Fishing - Thomas has always wanted to go fishing. One day he gets his chance but it doesn't turn out quite the way he expected.
  3. Thomas and Bertie - Thomas and Bertie the Bus decide to stage their own version of the Great Race.
  4. Thomas in Trouble ** - Thomas is stopped by a policeman and Toby comes to the rescue.
  5. Off the Rails * - Gordon is very upset when he has to pull a train of trucks. He decides to try a spot of sabotage but gets more than he bargains for.
  6. Bertie's Chase - Thomas is late, Edward is impatient and the passengers are cross. Dashing Bertie races to the rescue.
  7. Percy Takes the Plunge - Thomas gives Percy a warning about danger signs. Percy takes no notice and soon learns his mistake.
  8. Thomas and Trevor ** - Trevor is asked to help Thomas build the Fat Controller's new harbour. At first Thomas has his doubts.

(*Following a song)

(**Followed by a song)


  1. A Really Useful Engine
  2. Gone Fishing
  3. Thomas, We Love You


  • An activity poster
  • Instructions to make an engine shed
  • Three recipes
  • Make a door hanger
  • Follow the engines through the maze



  • Annie is not properly edited out of Thomas' windows on the front cover.
  • The back cover of the Australian release contains a disclaimer that lists previous Thomas releases that episodes on this release appeared on. However, it doesn't mention Thomas and the Special Letter, which Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady was first released on in that country.


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