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Several policemen patrol different locations on Sodor and the Mainland.

The Ffarquhar Policeman


The Ffarquhar policeman came to argue with the Fat Controller in Thomas in Trouble after Thomas was found to have travelled down the Quarry Tramroad branch illegally without cowcatchers and side plates.

The young constable, perhaps in hopes of a promotion and a reputation of zeal, often went around Ffarquhar enforcing out-of-date laws which had been quietly forgotten. He nearly drove Ffarquhar innkeepers crazy with obscure points in the Licensing Laws. He got his dues when one Sunday morning, after he prowled outside Saint Finian's Church taking the numbers of the cars he saw there, he found out too late that he had "booked" the Vicar's, John Croarie's, the Chairman of the local Bench of Magistrates, as well as his own sergeant's. After the "criminals" were fined ½d each, he was speedily transferred elsewhere amid general rejoicing.


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The Dryaw Policeman


A policeman from Dryaw warned Daisy about a bull on the line ahead. He hitched a ride and tried to help shoo the bull, but the bull kept wandering back.


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The Crovan's Gate Policeman


Another policeman arrived after George collided with Sir Handel's train. He arrived just in time, for George's driver and the guard were almost about to have a fistfight over who was at fault.


In the UK narration of the television series, he speaks like a stereotypical British policeman. However, in the US narration, George Carlin gave him a voice almost similar to a Simpsons character named Chief Wiggum.

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  • In the book adaptation of Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, it is revealed that the policemen also have patrol cars with red beacons along with their bicycles.
  • The first to fourth series large scale model was repainted for a firefighter in the fifth series episode, "Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach".
  • In the book Thomas and Toby, the Ffarquhar policeman's name tag reads "Smythy".


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