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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the UK/US DVD, the Chinese DVD, the book, or the magazine story.

“If I bounce along the track
Perhaps that sound will soon come back
The sound that makes me smile and giggle
When I puff on tracks that jiggle!”

Pop Goes Thomas is the eighth episode of the fourteenth series.


It is the day of the children's summer picnic in the Whispering Woods and Thomas is given the job of taking the lemonade to the picnic. On the way, Thomas puffs over some bumpy tracks, which shakes the bottles of lemonade, making the corks fly into the air. Thomas likes the popping noise, but he cannot see what is making the funny noise. So instead of going straight to the woods, Thomas takes a bumpy track in hoping that he will hear the popping noise again.

Then, Thomas sees Mr. Bubbles the clown waiting at a bus stop. Thomas bounces past and one of the popping corks knocks Mr. Bubbles' big red nose off. It rolls down a drain and now Mr. Bubbles will be late for the children's picnic, as he needs to get another one. Next, Thomas puffs down an even bumpier track. The corks come flying out of the bottles once again and land amongst a field of pigs.

Next, Thomas passes the bakery, where the bakers are hit by some corks, making them drop the cakes for the children's picnic. Then, Thomas goes over the bumpiest track on Sodor - the Fenland Track. Soon after, he meets James, who is taking the children to the picnic. James does not think the popping noise is very amusing when one hits his shiny paintwork. Thomas then causes even more trouble when his corks hit the signalman at a junction. The signalman is so surprised, he accidentally sends James down the wrong track, where he hits the buffers with a jolt.

Eventually, Thomas arrives at the Whispering Woods. The Fat Controller is very cross with him and tells Thomas about all the confusion and delay he has caused with the popping corks. To add to that, all the lemonade bottles are empty. Then, the last cork flies through the air and knocks the Fat Controller's hat clean off his head.

Thomas realises his mistake, so he puffs quickly back to the bakery. The bakers had made more cakes and they are quickly loaded onto Thomas' truck. With the cakes loaded, Thomas puffs back to Knapford to collect more lemonade where Mr. Bubbles is. Thomas apologises to Mr. Bubbles and offers him a lift to the picnic.

While waiting at a signal on the way, Thomas tells Mr. Bubbles about how he thought the rattling and shaking of the bottles of lemonade and the pinging of their corks was the funniest sound he had ever heard. Mr. Bubbles replies saying Thomas will soon hear a sound that makes him feel even happier. Thomas is puzzled. Just then, Thomas' signal changes and Thomas and Mr. Bubbles are on their way again.

When Thomas arrives at the picnic with Mr. Bubbles, the children cheer, clap, and laugh. Mr. Bubbles explains that the children's laughs and cheers are the happiest sounds of all, and Thomas has to agree.




UK, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Africa

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  • When Thomas turns onto the first bumpy track, the points are set against him.
  • The narrator says that a cork hit James' shiny red paint, but it actually hits his smokebox, which is coloured black.
  • Because of stock footage, Maithwaite is in its brown colour.
  • When Thomas puffs up to James, he is on James' left, but when they go under the signalbox, Thomas is on James' right.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Thomas Estala
Catalan En Thomas fa "pum"
Chinese Mandarin 托马斯和柠檬汽水
Czech Tomáš veze perlivé limonády
Danish Poff, sagde Thomas
Finnish Tuomaksen Poksahdus
French Un bruit qui fait pop!
German Das lustige Geräusch
Greek Ο Χαρούμενος Ήχος του Τόμας
Hungarian Thomas pukkantyúi
Indonesian Bunyi Letusan Thomas
Italian Un Buffo Rumore
Japanese トーマスとコルクのせん
Korean 가장 행복한 소리 (dub)
웃음보 터진 토마스 (subtitles)
Norwegian Plopp, sa det
Polish Strzelające Korki
Portuguese Plop faz a rolha
Romanian Thomas Face Poc
Russian Смешное происшествие
Slovenian Tomaž in zamaški
Spanish Thomas Hace Pop
Swedish Thomas säger "Popp!"
Turkish Thomas Limonata Taşıyor
Welsh Tomos a'r Lemoned

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