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Poplar Publishing (Japanese: ポプラ社) is a Japanese publisher of the Railway Series books and has the rights to release other kinds of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends books, including Buzz Books.


Japanese Railway Series

  1. The Three Railway Engines
  2. Thomas the Tank Engine
  3. James the Red Engine
  4. Tank Engine Thomas Again
  5. Troublesome Engines
  6. Henry the Green Engine
  7. Toby the Tram Engine
  8. Gordon the Big Engine
  9. Edward the Blue Engine
  10. Four Little Engines
  11. Percy the Small Engine
  12. The Eight Famous Engines
  13. Duck and the Diesel Engine
  14. The Little Old Engine
  15. The Twin Engines
  16. Branch Line Engines
  17. Gallant Old Engine
  18. Stepney the "Bluebell" Engine
  19. Mountain Engines
  20. Very Old Engines
  21. Main Line Engines
  22. Small Railway Engines
  23. Enterprising Engines
  24. Oliver the Western Engine
  25. Duke the Lost Engine
  26. Tramway Engines

Japanese Buzz Books

  1. Thomas in Trouble
  2. Toby and the Stout Gentleman
  3. Percy Runs Away
  4. Thomas and the Breakdown Train
  5. Edward, Gordon and Henry
  6. Thomas Goes Fishing
  7. Thomas Down the Mine
  8. James and the Troublesome Trucks
  9. Gordon Off the Rails
  10. Thomas and Terence
  11. James and the Tar Wagons
  12. Thomas and Bertie
  13. Thomas and the Trucks
  14. Thomas' Christmas Party
  15. Thomas, Percy and the Coal
  16. Saved from Scrap
  17. Thomas and Trevor
  18. Duck Takes Charge
  19. Pop Goes the Diesel
  20. A Close Shave
  21. Thomas Comes to Breakfast
  22. Percy and Harold
  23. Percy's Predicament
  24. BoCo the Diseasel
  25. Percy Takes the Plunge
  26. Woolly Bear
  27. Thomas Gets Bumped
  28. Toby's Tightrope
  29. The Trouble with Mud
  30. Percy's Promise
  31. Thomas, Percy and the Post Train
  32. Gordon and the Famous Visitor
  33. Donald's Duck
  34. No Joke for James
  35. Trust Thomas
  36. Mavis
  37. Time for Trouble
  38. Diesel Does it Again
  39. Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
  40. Henry's Forest
  41. Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party
  42. A Scarf for Percy
  43. James and the Bees
  44. Duck and the Regatta
  45. The Mischievous Twins
  46. Tender Engines
  47. Granpuff
  48. Bulldog
  49. You Can't Win
  50. Four Little Engines

Television Series Tie-in Board Books

  1. Thomas, Bertie and the Bumpy Line
  2. Percy gets Stuck
  3. James and Toby
  4. Toby in Trouble
  5. Thomas and the Dragon
  6. Henry Helps Out
  7. Edward and the Party
  8. Gordon in Trouble

Japanese Thomas Encyclopedia

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Mini Character Picture Books

  • Capsule Plarail 1
  • Capsule Plarail 2
  • Capsule Plarail 3
  • Capsule Plarail 4
  • Capsule Plarail 5
  • Capsule Plarail 6
  • Capsule Plarail 7
  • Tomica (2006)
  • Tomica (2016)
  • Mini Encolypedia
  • Plarail


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