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Tom Tipper the postman has a Post Van which he uses to collect and deliver mail. The van was once taken away and replaced with a bike while Tom was ill, as the postmaster saw it as too old and expensive; but when Percy accidentally ran the bike over, destroying it beyond repair, Tom received a new van after the postmaster decided that it was worth the expense after all.

Technical Details


In the Railway Series, the Post Van is based on the 1943 Morris 12/4 CWT Y Van. In the television series, the Post Van is based on the Morris Commercial J-type van, built between 1949 and 1961. Approximately one-eighth of J-type vans built were bought by the General Post Office, which used them for mail collection and deliveries in country areas all over the United Kingdom. The Sodor Bakery Van and the Signwriter's Van are also based on these vans.


The Post Van is painted red with a light grey rooftop. In the Railway Series, it carries the "Royal Mail" logo on its sides, whereas in the television series, it carries the "Sodor Mail" logo. Before its restoration, its hubcaps were painted black, but have now been repainted red.

In the video game Railway Adventures, the rooftop is depicted red.



  • The Post Van's model had a cast made for the bakery van and began sharing it's chassis with the latter.
  • The Post Van's model is currently on display at Drayton Manor.
  • Despite the fact it is faceless and apparently non-sentient, the Post Van was given a nameboard. It is also the only faceless vehicle to have one.
  • The CGI Post Van model was originally made under Nitrogen Studios, however the model went unused until the twenty-fourth series.



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