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Poultry wagons are rolling stock used for transporting domesticated birds, mainly chickens, on railways.


Thomas & Friends

Thomas used one of these vans to transport chickens from McColl Farm. He was supposed to deliver the chickens to market, but sleep deprivation caused him to deliver the chickens to a school. Edward offered to help Thomas and delivered the chickens instead[1].

Once Thomas had to take these vans from Dryaw to the Docks. After braking too hard at a red signal, Thomas remembered that he was told to go slowly with the chickens, which he did for the rest of the journey[2].

Billy once pulled two of the wagons and was off to collect chickens from Farmer McColl, but he left the farm before the vans were loaded, leaving Farmer McColl very annoyed. Later, Thomas helped Billy deliver the chickens to Brendam Docks[3].


Sentient vans fall under the category of Troublesome Trucks.

Technical Details


The wagons' basis are unknown and they appear to be a freelance design; however, the ends strongly resemble a GWR milk van. The chassis is recycled from a 1-Plank Truck.


These wagons are painted dark blue-grey.





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